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How to Fix Ghost Touches on any Tablet / Phone - Aka Touch Glitch

A DIY on how to fix any tablet or phone touch screen, no matter if it's android or windows this fix should work, most of the times ghost touch or phantom touches are caused by over heat and grounding issues, so instead of tweaking the software which didn't work for you for ages get your tools and watch this video! it's really simple and needs no technical knowledge.
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Restore Lost Squidoo Lenses After Migration to Hubpages

I didn't log into squidoo for ages and I had some good lenses that are really useful to people, now what happened is Squidoo is migrated into hubpages, and my account on squidoo was automatically migrated, I logged in to hubpages but my lenses from squidoo are not there??

well I got scared at first but don't worry, I figured out that my email on squidoo was the same I am using on hubpages, but in that case they don't merge all you wrote in squidoo and hubpages together, instead they create a new account for you, to avoid conflicts, I mean what if you have same article on both sites and it get's replaced with one another and you lost comments etc.
How they make an account? they use your name, and I will tell you how to find out your new username easily, simple.

First go to hubpages lost password page here, as seen on screenshot below check the "Newly transferred account from Squidoo" radio box.

After filling your email and hitting submit, open your mail box and…

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Partitions & Files On Windows / Mac

Recovering deleted or lost files and partitions can be a huge pain, especially with all programs around which does simply un-delete files, there is big difference between un-delete and recovery, as the recovery actually goes sector by sector on the hard drive and make sure to recover files that have been even overwritten or a whole partition that have been overwritten, ensuring that you recover more files and whole partitions this way.

As advised it's always recommended to output the recovered files on a different partition or a total different hard-drive as an external hard-drive. One program does recovery the proper way and the easy way while also being free which is awesome is easeus partition recovery wizard it can recovery files from regular hard drives, phones, tablets, SSD's, Thumb drives, SD cards and more.

Easeus can recover all the following:
Recover accidental deleted files.Recover a partition after formatting it.Recover corrupted files or partitions.Recover partiti…

Common Cold Remedies That Don't Work

Have you ever suffered a cold or the flu? Of course, you have. Now, you know that whenever that happens, the only thing you can think of getting some relief. And to do that, you would need to visit the doctor or the pharmacy.
Now, if your situation didn’t improve after getting and taking the prescribed meds, chances are you would be disappointed. But, what if you knew that there were other factors at play?
Sometimes, some of these drugs treat the symptoms of the cold and provide some relief. They do not necessarily cure them. A cold is caused by rhinoviruses acquired through direct contact with someone who's infected. 
This could take the form of a sneeze or cough from an infected person, and it could live on the skin for as long as 3 days or more. To avoid this, you may want to stay away from touching objects or items used by an infected person.
It's easy to get a cold by touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. Your best bet is to be vigilant and consistently wash …

Understanding Stroke and its Causes

Stroke is a sudden episode that occurs when arteries leading to and within the brain are affected (either blocked by clots or rupture). It is sometimes termed a cardiovascular accident or brain attack. It is much like a heart attack, which only occurs in the brain. When it happens, the part of the affected brain cannot get enough oxygen it needs and if the cells are deprived of oxygen for more than 4 minutes, they die leading to permanent brain damage. As well as a heart attack, stroke is a medical emergency and fast treatment is essential for the positive disease outcome. Treatment options usually include medications, surgery and rehabilitation.
There exist two types of stroke: ischemic, which makes 80% of all strokes and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood clot in the brain vessels prevents blood flow to cells. Clots typically form in areas where arteries in the brain or neck have been severely narrowed or blocked by plaques. This is called stenosis, which usually resu…

Minecraft How to Make a Lazy Trap ~ TOXIGON EPISODE 1

On this video I am creating a simple lazy trap for people who loves to sit and wait or lets nature do what it gotta do.
Map Seed: 8200506304283486908 "Very nice seed spawns near a village it was generated automatically for me."

Free Online Anti-Mosquito, Pest, Rats and Bugs Ultrasonic Generator

No need to download any files or apps, just open this page on any device no matter PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Palm OS, anything really can run this page, so make sure to bookmark it!

Ultrasonic Generator Features
Anti Mosquito.Anti Bugs like Cockroaches.Anti Other kinds of Pest.Anti Rats and other small animals.Anti Teens, yes it annoyed them too much they will leave you alone. Usage:Just open this page, scroll down and click start on any handheld, PC, MAC and others.Turn on the volume of your device up to max.Do not use headphones.You might not hear the sound if you are older than usually 20, if you have a good hearing than you will.
Click start below to get the ultrasonic started.