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An extra 10 Bucks a day from adsense

Yes and my Swikis is growing each day, by the way, Swiki is Sharing 50 per cent or more of my revenue ...

Two people from Digital Point

I just got two PM's about my Swiki 2 topics .

Hi wissam, I just read and answered to your topic about swicki. Two words, THANK YOU.
Thank you for share this opportunity, tonight I will make a long brainstorming and think on all the methods to promote it.
Kindest Regards


Great post on swiki's

I'd like to thank you for your post on swiki's I ran across it a few weeks ago I just couldn't figure out what the hell it was about.

Now I've added them to two of my sites and I don't plan on develping a site with out one. I see them being a great resource and an added source of income ..

I will do my best to give all I can to Digital Point members ..

How people make money from DP revenue Sharing

Related DP topic :
How people make money from DP revenue Sharing

There is a lot of techs I sow people using to start really earning from DP RS some of them is :
- Digging your topic .
- Writing a unique good topic .
- keep it in the top by replaying to each post and answering evey question .
- Link it in your blog as a related link .
it will be very nice if you want to share your method with us ....
and don't forget that some of the clicks here comes from dp members, me as a DP member I click on the ads if I liked them, if they seem just leading to another spam page, I don't even look at them ...
the other clicks comes from people searching on search engines so you better have a nice name and good keywords for your topic ...
Have a nice day


Adsense for mobile

This is an Adsense alternative for Wap based website, so what are you waiting for ..

A fair share

We know how much work it is to run a mobile site. We realize that if we are to be successful long term, that everyone has be compensated fairly. Here are the two ways to partner with AdMob and their associated revenue splits.

Publishing Partner (75/25 in favor of the partner): Publishing partners serve AdMob ads exclusively on their mobile sites. They are also required to provide links from their website back to AdMob for interested advertisers.

Ad Source Partner (60/40 in favor of the partner): Ad source partners source ads from AdMob but do not necessarily use AdMob ads exclusively. They may also source ads from other services or via their own direct ad sales force. They are not required to direct advertisers back to AdMob.

Make Money with your Swiki *Hot and New*

Follow my post on digitalpoint
Or Read it here :
I always loved Swiki and today I found this and I wanna share it with you :
You can add your adsense ads to your Swiki and believe me I get traafic on my swiki more then my websites does, about 1500 daily, I m gonna be rich ...
you can also add chitika and others

This is my Swiki