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Rare Tosites - Niche Of The Week

What about starting a rare website that doesn't exist and sounds like the official topsite for a category, for Example I started this topsites, because there is no official Anime topsites domain, it's doing well for the fist two days, I blinded the ads very well, even an AdSense expert whoul notice them so hardly, now go and start your own rare website like : or anything niche and new for a topsites, and always make sure that it doesn't exist as an official domain so you will be the N1 .

about my personal life.... I am Sad... she just did come online today... I asked her if she loves me, she said of curse I do, then I said "I am confusing girl, I mean for the last days you ..." and she closed the line, or may be she turned off the pc ... I am so damn sad ... but I will keep blogging for you people don't worry ....

The WebMaster Radio

I was listening to the webmaster radio until I found out that they have useful information out there that you may not find on the web, I mean anyone can call and start a conversation and believe it or not, those guys knows what they are doing .
there is a button on the right if you want to listen to the Webmaster Radio, it's up 24/7 .

Yesterday I did meet a guy Via Skype, he was browsing here on my blog reading some of my posts and the idea of working out with AdSense again did show up on his mind .
he just visited AdSense, logged in after ages of not using AdSense and yesterday he just got his 7 Cents while sleeping, day after day I hope he become a real AdSenser that earns hundreds a day, you can visit his blog where he write his daily earnings and some tips that he use :

About my life or earnings ?
Ok my earnings is very low on an average of 35$ but I am working out to fly farther, about my personal life ... nothing is new .. my girl friend is of…

My new 120x600 AdSense format blending technique

Here is the code :

<table border="0" width="157" height="643" cellspacing="0"
cellpadding="0" style="background-image: url('ad_bg.gif');
background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: left top">
<td height="643" width="157" valign="top" style="padding-left: 20px;
padding-top: 14px">
<script type="text/javascript">
google_ad_client = "pub-[ID]";
google_ad_width = 120;
google_ad_height = 600;
google_ad_format = "120x600_as";
google_ad_type = "text_image";
google_ad_channel ="";
google_color_border = "2597B3";
google_color_bg = "2597B3";
google_color_link = "FFFFFF";
google_color_text = "FFFFFF";
google_color_url = "CCCCCC";
<script type="text/javascript"

Life after AdSense ....?, ow it's better a lot ...

Life after AdSense ..?, after getting banned or getting bored lol ... Actually as a smart marketer you don't have to make AdSense your general source of income online, or even offline ... because trusting AdSense very much may get a negative effects in your whole life after getting banned "Sure you wont if you worth it" .
some people starts to use AdSense-Alternative, others are smarter then that, they start their own business by selling ad spaces or user subscriptions, or even opening a local online market .

in a lot of cases you can get a new AdSense account, one of the methods to use is registering with a family member name, a new address, new email, and a new bunch of websites .

Because I don't wont you to to feel sad and so bored reading this, here is the new Idea including a hot babe lol.... ^_~ .

Actually you can start from now even if you are not banned by AdSense .
1- Buy a domain name like : << href=""&…

AdSense Video Tutorial, Now for Free

Download the Video
Enjoy this very cool AdSense Video Tutorial .

Today was just a normal day in my life, except that I miss my girl friend very much, it is too hard to live far away from the one you love .
I am doing well with AdSense and making tons a day .. but I am expecting more ..
that's why I will prepare some new fresh Ideas for my new 5 Static websites ^_~ ....

My new forums is doing well, I did open them only for 4 days :

Thank you all for your great comments ..
Peace, and see you tonight, yea I will post again if I find something cool and "Must Get posted" lol .

50 Ready made website for AdSense - Free

lot of other websites started sharing the link, Megashare diabled it .
tons of people downloaded it, now we finished .

First of all I want to tell that ready made AdSense is crap, they don't get you banned but they will never get indexed or Crawled, I am putting them here for you to download for free, so you don't have to Pay 100$ to the spammers around and get a 50 crap site .
you can use them as an articles resouerce .

The Exe file contain the following sites + Auto directories and Search engines submitter and the famous Search and replace program :
"Dominate Adsense version"

Niche of the week - Music websites

Everyone loves music, "only if they are psychos" And every one wants to find the band they love online, they want to listen to music online, even with those big websites around offering music you can reach your visitors, don't forget that a rock website may have all rock bands but it will never offer everything for every single band .
here is the hack, here is the crack where you will pass your, Start a website specialized on a single band like "Paradise Lost" their pictures, history, wallpapers, mp3,rm or Ogg download, Forums for fans, information for every single artist on the band, their secrets, and even midi files, the fan of that band will love it and visit it, spread it and talk about it .
What Colors You may use in the layout :
Use the colors that is similar to the music "Rock =Dark = Black an dark colors" for Example .
Do you have to program it all alone :
If you don't know PHP use phpnuke script or something like it just make sure to edit the…

Swicki revenue sharing, a message to solve it all .

Gary From Swicki contacted me yesterday, this is what he said on his e-mail :

Hi Wissam,
I'd like to address your concern from the Digital Point forums that your
Adsense impressions count doesn't directly match 50% of your search

First, please be assured that if a bug did emerge in our revenue sharing
we would give it top priority.

We are aware of three factors that reduce the number of Adsense
impressions versus the Eurekster generated count of searches:
1. The Eurekster search stats include searches (page views) generated by
bots such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and less well-behaved bots, which do
not generate adsense impressions. We are working on removing them from
our stats. The badly behaved (rogue) bots will take longer to remove.
2. Adsense geo-targets based on the user location, so clicks from
outside countries where Adsense shows results will not generate adsense
3. Google are doing some experiments where they turn off the top-of-page
Adsense results for users who …

Perfect Ad blending method - AdSenseTuturial

look at this ad :

You wont be breaking any AdSense terms by belending your ads in this method, all you have to do is to make a table, a background image for the table "use PhotoShop to make a nice looking transparent image", post your ad code within the table tags and with some modification you will get a code like this :

<table border="0" width="23%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
style="padding-left: 18px; padding-right: 22px; padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px; background-image:url('ad_bg.gif');
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-[your_id]";
google_ad_width = 180;
google_ad_height = 150;
google_ad_format = "180x150_as";
google_ad_type = "text_image";
google_ad_channel ="0760679408";
google_color_border = "caf99b";
google_color_bg = "…

Sadness .... it's not a marketing plane ..

Two separated subjects in a one post :

My Online Marketing Life .
I got an email today from AdBrite after telling them that I want them to take all the money on my account as a donation because I can't have a Pay-Pal account .
I totally forgot that they pay by Check, and I also forgot that my minimum payment option is set to 10,000$, they replied with the following message :
Hello [MyId],

Thanks for writing. AdBrite does not payout publishers by paypal, but instead, by check. It appears that you should receive a payment this upcoming pay period, so a check should be processed for you and sent to you. I would advise that you check your address in your AdBrite account to make sure the address is correct. You can do that by logging into your AdBrite account->My Account->Update your account.


I also got an E-mail from AdSense after reporting a click that I made by mistake on my own ads :


Your way to make more with AdSense

An Idea to make great revenue from AdSense
You are asking your self, how all those guys around making big bucks
how they reach that 200$ a day, well I want you to know that the average clicks needed to reach 200$ is 2000 click
to get those 2000 clicks do not trust a one website .. even if your website is famous and giving you high revenue ..
but what if you lose it, what if the server crash and there is no buckup .. you will have to start all over again ..
that's not the point anyway ..
if you own a cars website .. not all people on the web interested on that kind of websites ..
so the solution is to build quality websites as much as you can, and about everything ...
if you can't take care of them all at once, you can manage your time to take care of each one once a week .
build a blog and update it daily when your done with everything else ..
do most people who make really money from AdSense is Blogger and people who have more then 25 top quality websites .
Also good placement of Ads, t…

Cpanel, 2GB space, 10GB bandwidth free domain and subdomain hosting

The free web hosting service I told about before "" is upgraded to Cpanel free hosting .
2GB space and 10GB bandwidth .
regestration starts on 19th-20th Sept .
Learn more

Earn more from Google Adsense using Related Links Service

Yes as you can see this is what I think AdSense team did mean when they talked about Google related links service on their blog :
Adsense Blog
See it a live here :

[On this blog]

Placing Ads and blending them right or after your AdSense code may look as a stupid Idea for you, but don't forget that what matters to you is not just money, bt it is "Does my visitors feels happy after clicking on my ads" so instead of offering only paid ads, mix some fresh free content with it, who knows may be some day your site will show on google related links .

hope you like the Idea .

Some one is banning me from AdSense

Here you are what I got this night, an Email from an unknown sender, he used to send his friendly message :

To Wissam Idrissi Adsense Publisher ID [myID]

hey u wissam ya [peeeep] arab 911 muslim islam adsense [peeeep]

this is ur adsense publisher id [myID]

ur name is wissam [peeeep] and i am going to get u banned from adsense becos u r [peeeep] arab 911 [peeeep]

u shud [peeeep] off back to [peeeep] u [peeeep] muslim islam 911 [peeeep] [peeeep]

i have made 20 mfa sites and i have put ur adsense code on the sites with this id [myID]

the sites have [peeeep][peeeep] and [peeeep] and i am going to spam the url on internet forums and tell people to click on the ads and then i am going to report u to google .

this will make u get banned u [peeeep] arab 911 bomber bastard becos the [peeeep] sites with ur publisher id will break every google terms of service .

u cannot stop me
[peeeep] u [peeeep] black arab bomber boy u can kiss ur adsense acccount bye bye becos u r history

First of all I…

My life in a computer .......

I wonder how the real life is, I am here in this computer for ages, I don't even know where did I left my shoes ...
I spend more then 13 hours a day on this computer, the bad side is that I feel sad and alone when I am not connected to the world, the worst part is that I don't want to work on anything not related to computers, I feel that I can make better money online then I could do offline (by the way I work as a web designer and make more offline), I lost my friends and my social life, the real problem is that I found a better friends online, in fact .. a better geeks ....
I am happy ... I don't wanna go out of this computer .. here is my life ...

I don't know if I am doing the right thing or not, by sticking on this computer, looking at the screen, talking to my self and reading millions of words ....

Some Random tools for marketing and fun .

Digg Swarm
"Digg Swarm" ? It's really a great tool by that shows stories and diggers in real time while they Digg and bury, the most "Digged" story is the bigger .

" Yahoo, Google, Msn " wish is the best search engine in the past and now, Yahoo was always the best but in the last 2 years Google went to the top .
Use this tool to compare between websites's traffic with a one click :

Make more money with AdSense use this tool to generate quality content in two clicks :
Swicki is not a MFA but it do the same job for you .

That's all for now, I am glade to see my readers Via rss feeds growing, seems like you all loved my AdSense secret in the previous post .

Here is what some people in Digital Point PM'ed me with :

I love making money while sleeping too. Wanna make a site together? I love making profit quickly. Add me on msn or yahoo at [hidden]

Talk to you later,


Hello wissam,

i dunno if u r a girl or…

I am sharing my AdSense secret, niche, interested ?

Click here to visit my post in Digitalpoint forums:I found a bigger secret, so I decided to share my old techniques ....
here you are :
- Do you know that a boy between 10 and 18 don't know what is it a Google ad .
- Do you know that kids and teens websites are the most visited .
and here you are a very good list of content they really love to eat :
Anime and manga related websites, Gaming and roms related websites, teens life websites, "for girls only" & "boys only" websites, Rpg gaming websites << just download an RPG game script or setuap an rpg forums .
Believe it or not, they click every where lol .
ok I will not say more, those was my very old secrets wish worked for me for a long long time, if you think that I am stupid I don't care because our view points are diffrent, and it may change from human to human .... human-01 ?

Write, Digg, Ping, and get traffic - Blogging tips

This is an old technique that I always use to get traffic to my daily blog, I creat a unique post, I digg it, stumble it, Ping it, and get about 200 extra visitors just by doing that, day after day the number of visitors will grow from it self, the more you keep writing daily and keeping your content fresh like I do, the more people will love your blog no matter what it is about, do you know why ??? "there is fans for everything", that's all for today, the rest of the post is about my personal life .

Today was a really really boring day, I don't feel like wanting to do anything, but I just finished designing a website for an insurance office .

I really hate the design, it's not my best ... the owner of the office asked me to get local traffic for his new website that I designed, but I asked him back to place my AdSense search box on the website as a payback for the traffic lol.
feel free to comment if you like the design or …

AdSense Secrets does not exist, stop lying to your self and get the true

Strange Article "I am saying what I'm not doing" but is it all true .. I don't know I trust my self .. do you trust me ? .. you don't have to lol...

Are you reading nasty articles about AdSense and how to make more money from it and all other empty stuff ...
88% of successful AdSense publishers wish are making hundreds a day is not using any of those tips .
like "Image next to ad" and others, those options is for someone who don't make more then 3 bucks a day with an average traffic of 200 visitor.
The solution is right here :
Find your own techniques .
Share them only to get traffic "Nothing is free in this life, there is tons of people out there hiding stuff" .
Be social, if you can't ... so Be creative ... Can't be .. so be your self ..
It doesn't matter how much you make a day as long as the services you offer is great .
The visitor is not dump, when you put images next to ads no one who knows that they are ads would click on them .

Blow Up Adsense Income With These 4 Tips

Looking to make mone earnings with your website? The way to do it is through Google’s Adsense program.To make good money with Adsense you need to think differently than most of the webmasters out there. You have to think outside the box. Meaning using non traditional methods when putting your website together using adsense.

Those that have made the grade so to speak with adsense have some valuable tips to teach those that are looking for greater income from their websites.

The following are 4 proven tips on how to improve your adsense earnings:

1. Focus on one format of Adsense ads at a time. There is one particular format that has worked well for a whole lot of webmasters and that is the Large Rectangle (336×280).It has been shown that this format results in higher CTR, or click-through rates.There are many other formats to choose from but this one looks like normal links on your webpage and people click on them all the time. You will get clicks from people who might not even know they …

Google Adsense is not Banning MFA websites

MFA website or "Made For Adsense" websites is taking over the web, and getting large amount of traffic using "Cloacking" and "Auto content generators", but why Goolge SE and Google Adsense is not banning them ?, no one knows ...
all I know is that Adword users is happy, they dont care where the traffic comes from
all they care about is traffic and don't forget that a lot of people is using Adword + Adsense marketing so they get back what they spent on Adword and the profit .
Top3sites, top6sites and other MFA sites are every where, they are killing our revenue, untargeted and simply they SUCKS, and when you ban one, another will jump in your face ...
We must find a solution, those guys are making revenue they don't deserve .
and I can't keep reporting them everyday to Google and watch how father Google give them more and ignore our reports ....

Google New Related Links Service

there is some real good news that I really want to share in human-01's blog, as you can see, google labs released a new ads that you don't get revenue for placing them on your website but they will help making your content fresh, they show related videos, news, pages, searches by crowling your page .
an Example of a related ad :

The colors of the ad matches my blog colors, you can change the colors as you wish just like you do with a google Adsense Ad .

Also Adsense team said about the new service :

While Google Related Links don't give you revenue directly, you can use them to keep your site fresh and interesting without any maintenance. Happy visitors mean repeat visits. And if you're feeling especially creative, try alternating between Google ads and Google Related Links in a given space on your page. This will encourage people to look in that space for interesting dynamic content.

Oh, and by the way, you're more than welcome to click the links in a Google Related Li…

Swicki is now clean - they removed the compare result link, thanx to me ...

Hi Wissam,
Could you please post the news in the forum that we've removed the compare with google pages and the framed adsense results, so users don't have to customize around it - also, please let everyone know that they can enquire with us anytime at . It would be useful if those people who have exchanged emails with Google would let them know we've removed the framed results.

If you could, please don't publish my or Bill's personal email as several of us monitor the swicki feedback address and it helps us with responding and routing if all the emails come in through the one address.

Your support is appreciated; keep the feedback, questions, and suggestions coming.

Thanks for setting up the excellent anime video swicki.
Best regards,
Gary Franklin

"Compare results" Button is Dead, thanks to cyprus2k1

things are going fine, cool and perfect, cyprus2k1 solved the Swicki result problem
I don't think tha Swiki will like that but it's our right ..
Here :

How to take the "Compare results" Button in the Swicki


if you see the swicki code you will see ithe button is under
div class="swickiCompareIcon" , now, if we just could use CSS to hide the button!

i went to "Customize Templates" and came up with this solution after many tries (i dunno much about CSS):

.swickiCompareIcon {
visibility : hidden;

and thats it! the button is hidden!

now we can all start making $$$$$

People Now Hate Swicki ....

Finally Google said that Swiki is against TOS as someone said on Digital point forums, anyway I contacted them and other members did to delete the compare search with google button that cause Ads to show in a frame ...

and this guy said that he doesn't make a penny with Swiki

so take out any search terms related to gambling and adult material? I wonder if I need to take out the term "sex" due to the results it may bring back. Or maybe it is fine,since in the Swicki settings, I didn't check the "allow adult material" box. I've had about 400 searches on my Swicki and haven't made a penny- do you think it is working right?

Well all I can say, if this thing really works ... it need someone who can make it work ..
for about 5 months I have been working hard on my Swiki to make it a better search tool for anime fans, then they added Adsense to it .. and wow I deserve what I get ..
I am making an average of 10 bucks daily from Swiki ... I gave you the basics ..…