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Sadness .... it's not a marketing plane ..

Two separated subjects in a one post :

My Online Marketing Life .
I got an email today from AdBrite after telling them that I want them to take all the money on my account as a donation because I can't have a Pay-Pal account .
I totally forgot that they pay by Check, and I also forgot that my minimum payment option is set to 10,000$, they replied with the following message :
Hello [MyId],

Thanks for writing. AdBrite does not payout publishers by paypal, but instead, by check. It appears that you should receive a payment this upcoming pay period, so a check should be processed for you and sent to you. I would advise that you check your address in your AdBrite account to make sure the address is correct. You can do that by logging into your AdBrite account->My Account->Update your account.


I also got an E-mail from AdSense after reporting a click that I made by mistake on my own ads :

Hello Wissam,

Thanks for letting us know about the clicks on your ads. We appreciate your honesty and your continued efforts toward avoiding such clicks going forward.

To help you on your way, we offer the AdSense Preview Tool which will allow you to check the destination of ads on your page without the risk of invalid clicks. For more information, please see:

For additional questions, I'd encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center (, our complete resource center for all AdSense topics. Alternatively, feel free to post your question on the forum just for AdSense publishers: the AdSense Help Group (


The Google AdSense Team

My Personal life .
Today, actually a week ago, I noticed that my girl friend is not taking care of contacting me anymore, I offline her, send her emails but she simply don't replay, by tracking her I knew that she log in daily to her MySpace profile, I feel that she got a new guy, all the lies about forever love and things, I got sad for minute .. but ...I decided to be a different person, because sadness is not a marketing plane ..
I will take out girls from my life, I just wanted to marry that girl and when she's gone, I will just relax, and put all of my sadness in online marketing, I have a right future "Alone" and I don't want to end my life for emotions .
but wait a minute .. may be she just have exams, anyway I will wait forever ..


lawryde said…
Hey Ad Whore-

Just stopping back telling you that I didn't click on a single one of your ads to make you money.

Get a real f*cking job!
Wissam said…
haha, com on .. I have a real fu*king job lol .
it is nice to see you here dude ^.^ welcome anytime the ads are for the visitors not for my beloved readers .
Sergik said…
good friends you have! (they do not click on yours ads)...

My wife is asking for a 50% of my adsense income...
Wissam said…
Hehe, cooool my family didn't care about my online income at all, they have loads of money and what I get per month is just 0.5% of what they get lol
Anonymous said…
get a life dude, your girlfriend is fucking some other dude, but your okay with it...because you can.....put time into online marketting? and by that i mean add to your collection of MFA sites?! well done
Wissam said…
NO I am not happy I was lying to my slef trying to be happy, but looks like it doesn't work, she contacted me after this post but now it have been2 days without contacting me, I will just wait I know that she will come online soon to say that she loves me .
Anonymous said…
poor you..
Paid Surveys said…
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