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Some one is banning me from AdSense

Here you are what I got this night, an Email from an unknown sender, he used to send his friendly message :

To Wissam Idrissi Adsense Publisher ID [myID]

hey u wissam ya [peeeep] arab 911 muslim islam adsense [peeeep]

this is ur adsense publisher id [myID]

ur name is wissam [peeeep] and i am going to get u banned from adsense becos u r [peeeep] arab 911 [peeeep]

u shud [peeeep] off back to [peeeep] u [peeeep] muslim islam 911 [peeeep] [peeeep]

i have made 20 mfa sites and i have put ur adsense code on the sites with this id [myID]

the sites have [peeeep][peeeep] and [peeeep] and i am going to spam the url on internet forums and tell people to click on the ads and then i am going to report u to google .

this will make u get banned u [peeeep] arab 911 bomber bastard becos the [peeeep] sites with ur publisher id will break every google terms of service .

u cannot stop me
[peeeep] u [peeeep] black arab bomber boy u can kiss ur adsense acccount bye bye becos u r history

First of all I am not from Pakistan, I wish I was, and thank you for saying what in your mind with no fears, and I don't care if you place my ads on such places because I know what I am doing, people like you who have such envy inside must see a doctor lol .
Google will never care if my ads on a MFA site, as long as I am making big bucks a day ..
from the way you did write the message, I wonder if you even can upload the 20 MFA sites you talked about lol .
ok I will help you :
ftp program :
A nice hosting company :
Google AdSense Abuse report email :
Take the challenge mister ...
Sorry America for what did happen on 911, but what are you doing now will never solve the problem ..
It is true I am Arabic, I am proud of it ......


Anonymous said…
I admit it, I don't really like the Religon of you lots and I don't follow relgion, but as a Person I bet your nice. Also Google will just give you the money and if he does report you then, well Oh well, Nothing will happen
Wissam said…
Thank you very much my friend, I want you to know that Religon doesn't matter to me, I am just a human like you.
Anonymous said…
Well, racism seems to be very high these days, I'm a little bit dark and a little very little bit asain .. and all a sudden, I bomb people and eat curry.
Wissam said…
Yea thats right ....
Bombing people and eting curry ... what a sad fact that arabic people gave to do world, now you hate all of us ...
Anonymous said…
Well, it's racist attacks I'm more worried about. I mean i'm 14 and get a lot of shit. I'm hardly east looking and I was born in the UK!
Wissam said…
Yes that's very hard dude, they think we are monsters or something .
Anonymous said…
Some people are just unbelievable. It's sad to read an email like that. You must be really sick in your head to send something like that.

You can always report this to goolge.. . just in case!
Wissam said…
Yea you'r very right
thedark said…
we don't need to judge people because they are from arabic countries, we are all the same, if some americans think that they are in the middle of the word, they are wrong. I'm from a "small" and poor country, but i'm proud, and i enjoy life here, i don't want to leave my country despite it is a poor country, i hate people who think they are superior because they are from a rich country, if someone send me an e-mail telling me that i suck because i'm from a poor country, he is unhappy with life there, i don't say that peoples in rich countries are unhappy, but happy people don't take care of poor peoples life, sending this kind of e-mails.
Wissam said…
Yes dude, that sucks ...
arse said…
man that dude is a sick suker , i mean a lot of people were upset about 911 but you cant go around blaiming all middle east people.
Anonymous said…
So, come on, tell us, how much revenue did you get from the guy's spam sites?
Wissam said…
I have channels for every site I own, all I know that what I get is from my sites but sometimes I find a few extra cents that doesn't have a channel, but I think again and say may be I forgot some ads without a channel .

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