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After getting smart priced by AdSense

After Getting Smart Priced by Google AdSense ... what's next ?
I am really confused, first of all sorry for being offline, my connection was down, and I reall don't like using dial up specialy on blogging so I used it only to check my e-mails, and other stuff .....

I got smart priced by Google a long time ago, and that means they only pays me the half I deserve because of invaild clicks generated by my visitors ....
do you have a solution for me to get back to normal ?
please comment and tell me I will post your comments for people to learn from on my next post ...
thank for the help in advance ...

Cloack, Spam, and don't get banned

Spamming and cloaking search engines using redirects "JavaScript, Flash, Meta tags" is not getting AdSense users banned, I reported a lot of websites using these methods and their ads are still up and running, I wonder how Google AdSense keep black hats on the scene and ban white hats who get all their traffic legally or smart pricing them, someone need to stop this .
My girl firend that I love so much left me without saying even goodbye, I was going to suicide and end all of the sh1t, but I decided to keep blogging and keep developing my sites, may be this will help me relax, forget ... which is a far dream ...
Plus, I got smart prices, my sites went to 0 in traffic, d4mn it ...

Legal Black hat SEO

Can you see the most wanted section on the right side of my blog ?
Yep that's it, those keywords out there did bring me traffic from major search engines and also more spammers to eat my rss feed and duble my traffic lol .
by the way I did catch some spammers who sell your e-mail after registering, I use a different personal name on every site I register on, yesterday I did register on a paid to click program that everyone think it's trusted, and I found my self eating viagra spam under the name "Basam Amadari" which I used to register with lol .
anyway good luck and see you tomorrow .

Prompt your business in the virtual world - Online Rpg's

Anyway ..When you get bored of blogging, when your emotional life effect your business, you will be just like me a complete loser, but I have the enough power to stand up ... just like you ... my choice was to run into an online Rpg game named endless online while I though that I am wasting my time I found that I am working on spreading my site and finding a new great market .

In case you want to download the game :

Here is a starter tips :
reach level one by killing goats in the first world .
head to the boat at the south-west .
buy some new clothes and meet new people .
spread your game related site like mine : Endless Online Cheats .
and spread it by hanging it on message boards inside the game, PM'ing users and chatting with others .

this may sound stupid to you, but if you are smart enough you an make a living out of it ^_~ .

I am back after those two days of blogging AdSense news ...
posting those news gave me a great back link that will exist for ever on "I…

AdSense's new multiple custom channels

Finally that what we was waiting for, to forget all the mess and start clean, fresh, and new ...

Introducing multiple custom channels
As of today, it is now possible to assign multiple custom channels to a single ad unit. This feature enables you to track your ad performance with greater flexibility and view more granular information. When generating your ad code, you'll be able to add up to 5 custom channels to a specific instance of ad code.
What's the benefit of tracking with more than one custom channel? Well, multiple channels can be very useful when you want to track one ad unit across several different metrics simultaneously. For example, let's say you run a sports website and you've placed a leaderboard at the top and bottom of every page. To track the performance of the ad placement, you've created two custom channels -- 'TopLeaderboard' and 'BottomLeaderboard' -- and regenerated your ad code…

Google Gadgets Where they was ...?

Read Original Google post here :
Get Google Gadgets Here
Finally Google Gadgets is availble for yout add in your web page instead of your Google personalized home page, just like the random babes generator in the top there is a lot of useful gadgets that you can put in your page to make it feel more social and give it a sense of fun, I just got this e-mail from AdSense Blog .

Wouldn't it be great to get your content in front of people while they're visiting or other webpages? More eyeballs on your site means more opportunities for your content to reach visitors, along with, of course, your AdSense ads. Google Gadgets enables you to do just that.

Gadgets are miniature devices that offer cool, dynamic content ranging from games to news clips to weather reports to just about anything you can dream up. They've been around for a while, but their reach got a lot broader last week when we made it possible for an…

Niche of the week - Make your own Turnkeys

Well, most of us love the old style of using turnkeys that others made, I guess it's time to make your own turnkeys and get linked by it's users that means :

- High Page Rank On Google .
- Traffic .
- Respect .

By the end of this week I will finish my first Turnkey, it's a GameBoy Advance Roms download site, all links are external and hosted a premium hosting in Geocities, and all the download proccess done via proxy .

there is an online version of my script if you reall want to see it search for "0047 - Tactics Ogre - Knight of Lodis (J)(eURASiA) - DL1" on google and it will come in the first place, so go now and start your simple HTML turnkey or your Advanced PHP one, and make sure to prevent users from taking your link from the bottom .

And about Placing AdSense Ads on a domain that contains AdSense, here what I got from google :
Thanks for your email. As you've noted, publishers may not use Google
Brand Features on their sites or in their URLs without receiving p…

AdSense Ads on AdSense Domains

Google said no, A lot of people is doing it, as long as I know Google will allow you to use AdSense Ads in an Adsense domain if you put :
AdSense™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
This site is not affiliated with Google Inc. Trademarks remain trademarks of their respective companies.
ON the footer of the site or forums, I just emailed AdSense team about my new, and I will tell you what's their replay when I get it .
PS : look at this guy if he can do it, so I can do it .

MFA websites, killing them will kill your CTR

For people who own Anime, Music and gaming websites killing made for AdSense sites will just make their ctr lower because less visitors will click here is an example :
I have a page about Naruto : the MFA site title on the ad says "Download all Naruto episodes" so it's more likely for the visitor to click even if it pays low .
After filtering MFA the ads did become unrelated and started to show ads like "Download music online" because of the keyword "download" .
So I decided to stop filtering them since they help me covering my loss on my entertainment sites .

10 clicks on a MFA ad is better then 1 in a normal pure ad lol.

Offering Google AdSense for companies I work for

I always get my express cheques at time, but I never got my money from a company that fast lol, I designed this website and I hope they pay me very fast .

Do you like the design :

The Trick :
I am designing about 2-3 websites for companies a month, and they ask me for a site search, I can setup a site search php script, but I place AdSense site search out there and they don't have a problem if I earn a few cents a day lol .

an extra 0.20 a day x 10 websites is 2$ a day and that's how I reach my daily 45-60$ .
if you want the true these days I don't earn much from AdSense search, it happen but randomly and low .

Best Regards and sorry for this ugly post lol, tomorrow will be better .

Finally I am sharing my AdSense today earning with you, after 3 months of hard work

Finally, it's time to show you how I turned from earning 5-10 bucks a day into an average of 50$, after 3 months of optimization and hard work, digg in my archive to read my daily ideas that I do each day to maximize my earnings, if you think that I am happy with my earnings now no I am not, I will grow bigger, if you are earning hundreds a day I promise to beat you, my ideas was stupid and young but they really helped me out, and helped a lot of my beloved readers and friends, the 50x2 idea, the new standing out green ads, being you, Swicki, rare topsites, and
more ....

but all of the thanks returns to "You", Google, Digital Point then me lol ....
there always a place in your brain to learn every single thing you want so don't
waste your time reading what I've done and go do your own job ...
I am just posting this post because the one before it was really boring ...
ok if you are bored here is a babe for you :

Sure you have to click on it to see the actual sexy size l…