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Finally I am sharing my AdSense today earning with you, after 3 months of hard work

Finally, it's time to show you how I turned from earning 5-10 bucks a day into an average of 50$, after 3 months of optimization and hard work, digg in my archive to read my daily ideas that I do each day to maximize my earnings, if you think that I am happy with my earnings now no I am not, I will grow bigger, if you are earning hundreds a day I promise to beat you, my ideas was stupid and young but they really helped me out, and helped a lot of my beloved readers and friends, the 50x2 idea, the new standing out green ads, being you, Swicki, rare topsites, and
more ....

but all of the thanks returns to "You", Google, Digital Point then me lol ....
there always a place in your brain to learn every single thing you want so don't
waste your time reading what I've done and go do your own job ...
I am just posting this post because the one before it was really boring ...
ok if you are bored here is a babe for you :

Sure you have to click on it to see the actual sexy size lol


Cece said…
your lucky man, its good that you are making so much so young. one thing i wanted to talk too you about was your swicki, but i will leave that until messager is working. congrats
Eugene Feygin said…
could you help me out? I am barely make 3 - 5 dollars a day. My site gets on average 700 people a day, and had a pagre ranking of 5, please please help
Wissam said…
Thank you all, and Eugene if you want some tips you can check out my archive you have 4 months out of there full of my revenue secrets .
Anonymous said…
Who's the girl? ;)
Wissam said…
Just a hot Chinese model lol
Anonymous said…
i dont think you make that much , i think you are lying i know that screenshot is photo edited.
Wissam said…
May be you are right and may be you are wrong everything is possible in this world .
Thanks for saying what you think, I was like you trying to act smart around people and I used to think that making even 5 a day is hard, but believe me, when you start earning big bucks things will start to show up for you in it's real form.
best regards .
Cece said…
you could run as a politician
Wissam said…
Whoa, thanx Cece, I never though that I could run as a politician, I'm not smart enough for that lol .
My Car Is Evil said…
love your blog dude. one problem though, i start reading then get distracted by the pictures of hot models. is that a marketing ploy :P
Wissam said…
May be, everything is possible, in fact I wanted to change the mood that all marketing bloggers have, being someone who think they are Marketing GODS all the time, I just wanna be normal and I am trying to enjoy my blog seeing those babes ^.^ .
Anonymous said…
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Paid Surveys said…
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