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Depression Kills me

I used to write daily on my blogs, I used to be the best web designer around, now I have 5 companies to finish designing for them and I didn't finish the last 4 until now, it have been about a month or more, life started to be meaningless, my girl is not loving me anymore, I don't have cash and don't feel like wanting to finish my work and get it ....
I started thinking about taking ant depressions but seems like they hurt more then they cure, so I wont use them, my AdSense earnings fallen into 2 bucks per day, so dump huh ?
I am confused, I just want to die and rest in peace, or to live .... and I don't know how to live ...
this computer geek life sucks, I hate being attached to this machine, I used to love it, but now I am just lost .....
I though about suicide, but I don't think that I am that stupid to comet it ....

A solution for smart pricing - Get back into real income

Well, 1 Month ago I got smart priced by Google AdSense, that means I get the minimum bid per click, I started to earn 0.01$ per click, because of the search engine dancing and low Internet usage for this month my traffic went from 22000 visitors per week into 9000 visitor per week, from 100-200 click average par day into 10-20 clicks per day ... but guess what, I make 2$ from 30 clicks and that means 0.10$ per click which is not very low, it;s the same I was making with 200 click ... and that have a one strong meaning ... I am not smart priced anymore because of the low clicks and impressions, and when my traffic increase like before I will keep that average and that means 20$ from 200 clicks per day ...
so I think the solution for removing smart pricing :
Take down ads on pages with high CTR for a week or more, relax and watch the cost per click ...
I mean if you are smart priced anyway and making no money why you want to keep them up anyway, and later when clicks goes up from 1 cent i…

Did Blogger and Google got hacked ?

As you can see, I was posting about AdBrite new ad formats, when I published the post, my blog was only a page with an error 500, that means an error from the server it self, and then I was just hitting refresh and I got the famous 502 Server error with Google logo writing in text, I searched for "" and all blogs I found was with an 500 error message, but I still can log in and write so I decided to write this while it's happening, that means I am the first one to blog about it, Yoooopiii .... now gotta sleep it's 4:36 over here ...

Add your website to the new MG search engine before it's too late

Megaglobe - New International Search Engine

This cool new search engine that everybody is talking about, is accepting websites to get indexed before they officially lunch it, it will be in 45 languages .
I wish that I will so soon start getting traffic from this search engine, just imagine it : India, China, Usa, and other countries will be using it, submitting their websites, and using future tools.
to add your website follow the steps :
1 - Go here :
2- Write your website URL "address" like, or your blog URL .
3- Click "Add My Website" .
4- There no 4th step, it's easy are you really reading the tutorial of how to click an add my site button ?
it's pretty simple ... when you are done you will get a page like this, then add the rest of your websites if you have ..
They Said :

Megaglobe Technology detects and eradicates click fraud.
Megaglobe Ads (sponsor listings) will be available worldwide in 50 currencies.

Previous Pre…

Does Pay Per Post a real marketing plan ?

I'm blogging anyway so I though it will be more fun to get paid to blog, I am trying the old new program, I will post about my journey with them, offers are there reached 5$ per post but the advertiser have the ability to reject your post, we w'll see what can we do to avoid that and it means good blogging ...
I don't trust such programs but it worth the try.

MyLot is already making me about 1.50$ a day as an average from 12 people I referred, I am planing to get more people to register using my link, so the more they make the more I make, I am earning 5% from each of them .
think about it :
1000 refer x 5 cents daily from each one = 50$ daily = 1500$to your PayPal account each month, and that's really good .
if you want to register using my referral link click here, and don't waste your time posting, just get referrals and start earning .

Have a nice day, I will post every new marketing plan that jumps to my head, simple but effective planes .

Make more by using AdSense in your Google Coop Search Engine

First of all, get a costume Google search engine for your visitors by registering here : .
Finish registration and the rest then go to "My Search Engines", "click on control panel" for the search engine you want to add AdSense to, then click on Make money as shown in the screen shot ...

This is an example I made for you :

If you can do this with AdSense alone, why we use COOP custom search ... ?
Nice question, first of all you can't put AdSense search box in an empty page, but with Google COOP network you can buy a domain name just to make it a search engine with the coop box and a cute sexy logo .

Can I show results inside my page ?
Sure there is an option here :
"My Search engines >> control panel >> code >>Search box and search results code for your website"

What more can I do to get coop custom page works ?
Get the Ajax search Api key from here :…

SEO fun, people with smallest penises in the world ?

When I tried to search for penis enlargement on Google Trends "A Google program, you enter a keyword and it shows where it's most wanted" :

Places with small breasts :

if you keep playing with this social tool you will figure out a lot of things, including your next nich ^_~ .

A New Design, do you think it worth 300$ ..?

I finished this Design for it's just up for preview porpuses I think they will accept the design and I will charge them only 300$ ...

I just got a bank account yesterday so I transfered Google cheques I have, they will take 2 weeks to get fully transfered to my bank account ....

Nothing much I am just busy so I wont be blogging as much as before, see you people ...

Old news, why Phoebe Ho is telling us this

We need something new more then :
First impressions count
As you might already know, a great way to increase your AdSense earnings is to place multiple ad units on webpages that are rich with content. Here's a way to maximize your revenue with multiple ad units: Make sure the ad unit with the highest CTR is the first ad unit in the HTML code of your page. We've heard that there may be some confusion on this, so here's some clarification on how we serve ads to a page once we know which ads win the auction.

Currently, the first ad unit on a page always shows the top ads that win the ad auction. Also, if there aren't enough ads in our ad inventory to fill all of the ad units on a page, the first ad unit on the page will display ads first. This is why I recommend using custom channels to determine which of your ad units has the highest CTR, and then placing that ad unit first in the HTML code.

For the purposes of this post, the first ad unit on the page is defined as the fi…