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New Year, New Layout

Well, Merry Christmas and happy new year and of course Eeed Mobarak, finally I changed my layout into something I made from scratch, and that would help me get a higher rank, I will give you a copy of this layout for your blogger blog if you link me back, the source code will be so simple to understand and modify using front page or dream weaver, all you have to do is to change the logo .

About my marketing life, you know ... everyone is busy so I made a few bucks from AdSense and my Mylot earnings reached 104$ and some cents , I just wish they pay me or I am going to get crazy .

My social life is like hell, I am bored and no one around to go out with and enjoy my time .

MyLot is not Paying me

Mylot is not spam, they paid a lot of people, all of them except me, because I live in a country that Paypal doesn't support, I have a PayPal account that my friend in UK opened for me, and I changed my Location on MyLot into London/UK but my IP doesn't match, it shows Libya and if I pick Libya from the option menu all the payment options are gone, I really need that 80$ "Growing each day because I have lot of referrals" I have to pay for the hosting of a lot of my websites at least for another month or I will fall...
I don't know what to do, I contacted them and this is exactly what did happen :


paymentmyLot_Payments (30)4 days agoPlease verify where you are located.

respond to this messagetags: payment, adsense, understanding
1. w1ssam (307)3 days agoMy friend, I know that you are not a bot, so I will tell you where I am located, I am located on Tripoli/Libya but I have to select the UK wher…

Kontera and Google AdSense on the same page

I registered with Kontera and I though that it doesn't break any terms to use it with AdSense but here what Google AdSense support team said about it :

Thanks for asking about using the Kontera contextlink program alongside AdSense. Unfortunately, according to our program policies, Kontera may not be displayed on the same page as Google ads on your site. However, you are welcome to display those ads on pages of your site that do not include Google ads.
In general, AdSense program policy does not permit Google ads to be published on the same page as other contextually-targeted ads. You can review this, and all Google AdSense program policies, at .
We appreciate your cooperation.
For additional questions, we encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center (, our complete resource center for all AdSense topics. Alternatively, feel free to post your question on the forum just for AdSense publishers: the AdSense He…

How MFA really works - Details

As you know, MFA means made for AdSense, a page with AdSense ads and only some poor short text to make it boring enough to click, the trick is buying cheap traffic "Lot of visitors" to double your money even by X10 times from the clicks generated on the ads "sure on the boring page" with a simple bold classic header ..
most of publishers is buying traffic using AdWords to protect their AdSense accounts may be, but it's not a marketing plane, what if the visitors ignore the ads like an experiment I made where 38 visitors out of 1500 clicked on the ads "I used fake ads that takes to a counter page with lovely titles" ....
buying traffic from a website like "Manual surfers and paid to read emailsPTR" for example is good but painful for innocent users, because you pay 10$ and they send you 1000,000 visitors, they lie to the visitors and tells them that they will get paid using PayPal or e-gold if they click on the link and visit your site, may be…

Agloco is it spam, and why they pay

First of all look at the typo on their page "Click on the thumbnail", this website have no meaning for now, it's a surprise for later, the more members you get to register under you, the more power you get, if you make 100 members and everyone of them get 100 members you will be a millionaire as their calculator says, but how they make the money ? ...
anyway I will do my duty and invite you to get an account, and don't forget to get people to register using your link too, I will do my best as I did on MyLot, and hope that it's as good as MyLot .

Register at Agloco here and if you know what the heck it is please leave a comment and tell us .

New free PPC network

you don't have to pay to advertise on this large contextual and non-contextual "AdSense Option" network , all you have to do is to display ads and get your ads displayed, I love this network but I just started testing it right now, you can see the AdSense friendly Ads on the right side of my blog under the recent posts section, if you wanna register use my referral link just like I did when Clyde sent me the link :
and if you think I am forcing you, go directly to and I will still loving you .
This is a screen shot of the control panel, and I will try to post what's going to happen .

Keywords for the hungry masses : Hack AdGridWork, Adgrid work cheats, AdGridwork tips and tricks, free ppc exchange .

See people reviews on Digg :

See you next post and thank you Clyde again for sending me the link .
And by the way my new son "Hacking Swicki" is born lol .

AdSense - Don't wait for the summer

First of all I draw this for smart priced people "Sheer up emo kids, tomorrow will be better with the smart pricing solution" :

The golden days with AdSense is the summer, the web is empty, people are sleeping, working and studying, quality blogging, revenue share, turnkeys, and running websites are useless, Christmas is coming, and I hope that the real income starts by the new year, anyway here is some hot niches for the cold winter so you wont be losing winter days :

Winter Food
Winter Candles
Winter Clothing
Christmas + Rare keyword like Socks
Winter Illness

And the list goes on, Try winter niches a lot of people is getting ill and they need to search for a cure and sure using "Search Engines", lot of people is trying to change their style of clothing and that's by searching for "Winter Fashion", I am not trying to say stupid words but I am trying to tell you that the world is a one tiny room where you and everyone else are breathing the same air and…

BUZZZZ - How does Swicki really works for some people

People are trying to hide Swicki and it's secrets that I was the first to find and expose on digital point forums, a Swicki means "Search Wicki" it's a name of a project "website" that allow you to make your personalized search engine "Search within websites exclusing others and some useful other options", for example I can make a swicki on cats, and it will only search on websites about cats or pets .

How I make money with swicki ?
If you have a Google AdSense account you can enter your id and show your ads before the search result so it will be more likely that people click on the ads while they think it's a search result, and that means "$"

How I can get traffic ?
Swicki have the ability to save keywords that people searches for when they reach your Swicki .
You need to log-in from time to time to approve new keywords and check statics .
the more rare keywords the more visitors and searches per day .
copy the search buzz cloud code from …

Content is king ... is that true ?

Yes sure it is, but content is not enough in case you are planing to grow faster .
I am not saying that you have to copy & past or use use black hat SEO, but there is a lot of other things you may do :
1- Get socialized by replying to every comment in your blog, joining forums and putting your link on your signature, offering free services like linking back to some webmasters, ping, join topsites...etc.....
2- Make relationships with your readers by providing your IM, screen name or whatever .
3- sometimes do tricks like this "Sexy girl riding a horse, without a boyfriend" this word is going to get me at least 10 lost surfers every month lol "SEO trap" .
4- don't die for ages, try to post at least once every 3 days .
5- SWICKI RULES known as "SWIKI" search for it to unlock the code of revenue.
6- you are not god because you have some readers and a sexy design, anyone can have a blog, anyone can have a sexy design, but the quality of the posts, the idea, …

Your own youtube without the need to pay for the server or buying the script

As I always do I love sharing good stuff, this time I have a great site that host your video site, there is a lot of templates to select from, or you can even make your own layout and insert your Ads to earn more money, you can open your video site to public to upload their videos or you can ask them to register first, you can save them in your own database to make a mailing list and more cool stuff like :

You can use your own domain .
User comments – Ability to comment on individual videos .
User ratings – Ability to rate videos .
Top videos – Ensures that the best videos receive proper exposure .
Customization – Ability to change the look and appeal of your page .
Sharing – Ability to email and/or embed videos with provided html codes .
Moderation – Ability to control your content .

Here is a Demo site of friend of mine :
Here is the site where you can get your own YouTube pre-hosted script :

Toilet, best place for internet marketing

When you are staring at this stupid monitor, trying to come out with an idea or something to increase your revenue stream, doors will get closed in your face, you will find your self wasting your time and browsing on a never ending pages like this one, while the real marketers are laughing at you and making thousands of dollars, or even yens online, you must find a way, away from the computer to find your ideas, to dream and imagine, then use the computer just as a tool to make your dreams come true, it's the reality we humans forgot ...
I like to think on the toilet, it's a nice short rest to come up with new ideas, I like to think on bed, while walking, while eating, this when you talks about internet marketing .....
this is just an advice and you as a human have the right to think as you want ... and no one can stop you ....

Now lets talk about me for a while .... I tried to come out of depression, but fate is not allowing me, the girl I love, for 3 years, the forever promise…

MyLot referrals - An Extra 50$ every month

I never though that I whould reach that number in the beginning because I was like you saying in my mind " I will never, ever !! earn from posting ", dude that's not the deal, you are an online marketer that means you don't have to waste your time, all you have to do from this program is to get referrals, the more they post the more you make, from 10 referrals (4) I made 55.08 (2) and my total earnings is 62.26$, the rest of the few bucks came from my own posts (1), funny huh lol ...

in case you don't know what is MyLot, click on it ....
sorry if I stopped blogging I wont stop again even if I am dead not only depressed, I love you all, and I am glade you are reading on my tiny blog and wasting your big time ...

Search engines and targeting teens - Niche of the week

Teens are using the network more then other ages, they experience love "Why don't you start a sad poems niche", depression " Those Emo kids are waiting for your new nich there isn't a lot out there ", they want to watch "Music Clips - Just cut and past some YouTube codes and don't forget to modify meta tags and page title for search engines to find you " ...
Top Keywords boys and girls looking for between ages 12-16 :

adult doll maker
Agent Aikax
winamp modern Skins
anime winamp Skins
pokemon fire red ROMs
dragon ball z supersonic
download free visualboy
pokemon leaf green roms
pokemon leaf green ROMs
pokemon Leaf Green ROMs

Sorry can't give you more, but if you are smart enough you will find out your own keywords research technique, those keywords I gave you is the top ranked and most searched for rare niches, they will get you tons of visitors but low paying ads, so get some Forex, and online money making keywo…