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BUZZZZ - How does Swicki really works for some people

People are trying to hide Swicki and it's secrets that I was the first to find and expose on digital point forums, a Swicki means "Search Wicki" it's a name of a project "website" that allow you to make your personalized search engine "Search within websites exclusing others and some useful other options", for example I can make a swicki on cats, and it will only search on websites about cats or pets .

How I make money with swicki ?
If you have a Google AdSense account you can enter your id and show your ads before the search result so it will be more likely that people click on the ads while they think it's a search result, and that means "$"

How I can get traffic ?
Swicki have the ability to save keywords that people searches for when they reach your Swicki .
You need to log-in from time to time to approve new keywords and check statics .
the more rare keywords the more visitors and searches per day .
copy the search buzz cloud code from the main page of your swicki, and put it in your other website that is already indexed by Google "Listed", so Google spider will catch the new links to your "swicki" pages and crawl them and treating each page as a "webpage" not a search result .
look at this page for example :
AdSense Turnkey
That's an swicki search result page for the keyword "AdSense Turnkey" so when people search on google and use the word Adsense turnkey, I will be on the result .
the more rare the word, the more your swicki will be the one place to get lost and visit .

Am I cheating if I use Swicki to earn with Google AdSense ?
I contacted Google and other people did, Google said it's ok as long as Swicki doesn't show ads in frames, so I contacted Swicki eurekster team to remove that frame and the button takes to it "Compare results" and they did it .

Click on the links on my post and read on the pages where they take to, you may miss a word that will change the revenue steam for the next 100 years on your long marketing life .

and don't forget ... everybody wanting to cheat so they are looking for AdSense cheats, your job is to jump and add the keyword "AdSense cheats" into your blog, this will drive all the hungry cheaters into your swicki page "They know AdSense they may not click on your ads" so think of something better lol .

again : Click on the links on this post to follow my articles and device on forums and blog if you want to learn more skills, more then the guide lines .

see you next post .
this post was a request from one of my lovely readers .


wohooc said…
whats up with you these days, i have to talk to one of these days soon.
Anonymous said…
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listikal said…
Hasn't Google Co-Op killed this?
Wissam said…
No it's still alive and I am earning from it, and waiting for the summer to fill up my pockets,Google co-op is nice and I will just leave it until I have more time and come up with new hacks for it .
Anonymous said…
Does your site have to be indexed with google in order for you to register with swicki? I know you benefit when you are indexed, but do they allow you to open an account when you still aren't indexed, then index later?

Wissam said…
No Mystery, you can get your Swicki anytime, but if you have an indexed website put your swicki link on it so your swicki will get indexed too .
that's all my friend .
Anonymous said…
I have signed up with Swicki but somehow am unable to customize the Buzz Cloud to really blend with my background. Can you help?
Wissam said…
Yes Mabes I can help you, don't use the cloud code that they provide, go to your swicki home page and copy the source code of the search box and the cloud, put it in your site this way it will be live links not only a java script that google and others can't see, and you can change it as you wish , use frontpage or anything to customize it faster .

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