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Content is king ... is that true ?

Yes sure it is, but content is not enough in case you are planing to grow faster .
I am not saying that you have to copy & past or use use black hat SEO, but there is a lot of other things you may do :
1- Get socialized by replying to every comment in your blog, joining forums and putting your link on your signature, offering free services like linking back to some webmasters, ping, join topsites...etc.....
2- Make relationships with your readers by providing your IM, screen name or whatever .
3- sometimes do tricks like this "Sexy girl riding a horse, without a boyfriend" this word is going to get me at least 10 lost surfers every month lol "SEO trap" .
4- don't die for ages, try to post at least once every 3 days .
5- SWICKI RULES known as "SWIKI" search for it to unlock the code of revenue.
6- you are not god because you have some readers and a sexy design, anyone can have a blog, anyone can have a sexy design, but the quality of the posts, the idea, even if it was so simple, old and stupid, but it will help one of your readers no matter who they are .

Next post will be better, you know ...I can't sleep, dream, work, or think, she left me and I feel sooooo lost ... but I will survive ... I hope so ...

Places you will love to visit :

Web Market Zone
This girl started a great beautiful fresh forums growing smoothly under the pressure of low quality trash that filling up the web, raising day after day to be the biggest webmaster forums where you can Sell, Buy or trade services and content, simple, clean and reaching the point.
Good luck lady ...

LennyP's Blog About Whatever
Lenny owns a blog about whatever lol, and that means random videos, fun, marketing stuff, ebay and things, the point that Lenny is trying to reach is getting visitors from search engines by posting about everything so everyone will find his blog when they search about anything .
I hope that you reach your goal and make thousands per day from Google Adsense, try to put an ad before your content that rules ^_~ .

Advice Thread
Your girlfriend left you "Like me", don't know what to cook for your 3 hungry dudes before they eat you, can't find your keys, need advice on your next design, John will take care of that, on advice thread "A very social forums" you will always get a hand ...

Zach owns a great seo friendly forums for buying, selling and trading domain names and other stuff, nice exclusive skin "0.O", Great job, keep it up tiger .

Indie music news and reviews
The mysterious Nicko is trying to look ordinary you can see that from "guy123" user name he used on forums and the empty about me page, but I can see his power even if he tried to hide behind all of those masks, Nicko doesn't have ads on his blog, he is posting since October 2006 "A deep link to his archive", and I can see his nice future, Nick don't forget "Trust is not everything", I know what are you waiting for, you are professional I can see that on the domain you picked for SEO, good luck.


Rony John said…
You are right "Content Is King" but only if it is Optimized.
Blogging Explorer-The Blog Bible by Rony John
Anonymous said…
Great Resources!
Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said…
P.S. Interested in link exchange? ;)
Nick said…
haha thanks for the link
I'm really not all that shady, but I like to stay a little anonymous when possible to the internet creepers out there

Nice work - independentmusicblog Nick
Anonymous said…
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Ralph Nunes said…
Having a lot of content on your site will not only help improve your page rank, but will provide a better chance of getting page hits when internet users search for information. Also good quality content will keep them coming back It may be worth your while to give some useful content away for no charge to help build traffic to your site.
Anonymous said…
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Hey, can you do a blog entry just on Swiki that really breaks it down for People?

And also can you do a blog entry on all the cool mods and extensions you've added to your blog to make it cooler and more useful?
whatever said…
Seems like "high content/high value" is the trend right now. My attempt is to do the opposite with the high value part.
I'll try to put as much garbage ( high content), with as low value as possible. The reason is to see
if the extremes has equal value.
Merry Christmas & HNY

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