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No Mysql php script - Niche of the Week

This is an example of a niche that you can start "a website" because when you search on Google you will find no page optimized only for none mysql php scripts, the Idea is that there is a lot of people around the world can't buy a good hosting with MySql, some people get only php on free hosting companies, they will be looking for php scripts that doesn't need mysql to work, for example a script that saves in a flat file "text, dat file or what ever", now start a website with the words on the domain :
or with sub domain

Write similier words on the page title :

<titl>:: Free none mysql php scripts::</titl>

Add Meta tags and put them between and :

<meta equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

<link rev="made" href="mailto:youremail">

<meta name="keywords" content="none mysql, mysql, none mysql php scripts, no

WordPress Rss2Blog Automated posting

Using a plug-in that converts rss feeds from other blogs into posts on your wordpress blog you can start a blog full of quality posts formated and ready to go in 1 minute, spammers around the world is doing this to fill up their 500 blogs with content they steal from others and generate money from AdSense, this script is available for download here :

use it on your own risk and remember "Black Hat Seo" is not a marketing plan but it can make you some extra cash as long as you give link backs to people you are converting their rss feeds ...

if you want you can take my rss feeds I will allow you, do you know why ?, there is an option that makes a link to the original post so that will give me higher page rank and more traffic, while you make some money, this is the way it works that's why I started a porn website and I'm not a shamed of that, it's a simple blog anyway, a test, and a way to show you how the script works :

After christmas no one visits me

no one is visiting my blog, and even if someone do they don't comment, from 40-120 a day into 18 visitors yesterday, that's so low, I guess I am the one who is not posting good posts right, any way I started a blog about the one I love, and thinking about a new project which I don't know what is it lol, but so soon everyone will talk about it ...

Sad Love Story Ending

Mood : Sad
Listening to : Grief and Sorrow

This morning I got an e-mail from my internet lover, the one that I left all the girls on the real world for, and believe me she deserve more then this, we was together for 3 years, she came back to me after leaving me for weeks, she started to send me an email from time to time, I told her that our relations is like shit because I though she will tell me that she still love me and things .. but guess what she said :

Wissam...I know you don't care anymore, but I am sorry. I just don't think I was ready for a real relationship. I knew I was going to have to say this eventually. But, just know this, I know you won't believe me but...I do care and love you, a lot. I just think you deserve a girl who is older and knows what's she wants. I'm not worth dying over. I'm bad completely. I hope you find a girl who treats you better than I ever did. Always know, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm still your friend.

Get any E-book or script for free - Free Adsense ebooks on Emule

we don't call this piracy I personally call it "sharing" , well.. when you buy a book and you give it to your friend to read it that was sharing, when you buy a software and send a copy to your friend that was sharing too ...
now follow this tutorial to get any AdSense e-book, turnkey, script or anything you desire from chatting to hacking is right there, but please don't use anything on cheating AdSense or generating fake traffic .

1- Download E-mule P2P client installer "Peer to peer file sharing software" .
2- Install the software and then connect to one of the servers listed on it .
you will find about 4 million users already connected and sharing billions of files .
3- Go to the search tab and write AdSense .
This is what are you going to get, this is a secret that every AdSense publisher finds hides, but not me ...

A screen shot of what I got after searching : "Click to enlarge"

You can also downoad mp3's, software and others using this way, but…

We got the dog, they got the money

The web is dead on Christmas, but AdSense is not, do you know that while you experienced low hits and clicks, some people was making thousands a day from their Christmas niches "web sites", you need to wait for another week to start earning like before, it's the time people need to recover and surf the web extremely again .
Anyway, AdSense blog mailing list sent me this dog as a greeting oh sorry.. what AdSense ? I mean this cute dog as a greeting card or something ...

Link :

I wonder if this dog belongs to Arlene Lee ...
Merry Christmas every one ...
Ah I forgot, I removed the new Human-01 layout because of some bugs, I will fix it and put it up asap ...