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$1,000 Contest on Publisherforums Webmaster Forum.

Legit and live posting and promoting contest with $1,000 awards in cash in total is running on This is already the 2nd contest part, 1st part has finished on February 15th and all winners got paid. Some prizes were even not given away because not a lot members competed. It's a great opportunity to win from $75 to up to $575 cash with forum posting and promoting. You can get points for referrals also, but the main accent is on quality webmaster discussion, so if you are bad with referrals, don't worry - come and post and win.

What to post? Well, members are asking questions from webmaster field, like where to get affordable hosting, how to redesign a web site and such. If you
have some experience, you can make quick usefull answers. And if you only have questions you're still invited; members are more then willing to help since
they hope to be awarded for quality discussion.

At the moment there is possibility to get free detailed website review. Exact sugges…

Swicki Making Money Part 2

Someone at Digitalpoint asked :

Hi Wissam. I recently set up a swicki in xxx with a site I was already running. Can you give me any pointers or give me ways to make it work?

My friend, there is thousands of Swickis around the world, some are indexed by Google, others are just banned or weak, the idea here that if you start Swicki even if your niche is strong, your Swicki structure will be just like any other swicki, so to deal with this :

1 - Try your best to play around with your Swicki template like what I did here :

2 - Copy and past your buzz cloud "most searched" source code from your swicki home page not your javascript code and place it in your blog, as I did here in human-01 "the right bar most wanted section" .

3- link your Swicki from several places related to it, and don't spam .

4- Add new keywords everyday the more you have the stronger swicki you have .

5- don't submit your swicki to Google, just place it'… is it SCAM

I Never invested on a HYIP, this is the first time, will see if I will get scammed .
as an upgraded member they said I have 6% commission of referrals and I will earn 10% of what I invested in 13 days that means 0.5$ X 13 = 6.5 that means 1.5, thats too low I know but if it worked I will invest more, will see ...

investor : Human-01
Invested : 5$ E-gold
Expecting : 6.5$
Time : 13 days
Link :
Join for free : Yes but to exchange traffic ओनली

I just got the first Email and cashed out 0.5$, will see the next 13 days, if it works well I am ready to invest 25$ if it worked will I will invest 100$ and keep investing 100$ ...
Hi wissam,

You have just received payment from
Surf-13 to your E-Gold account.

E-Gold account. X
Batch 78302746
Amount = $0.5
Thank You for supporting us . Don't forget to vote us in any forum / monitors

MyLot paid me finally - Not a Scam

at the beginning they didn't want to send me my 102$ because of the country I live in, I forgot about them and stopped driving referrals, but finally they understand, and now I can drive more people to join them and make more money, I am proud that most of that 102$ I earned was from my refferals not from my own posting, 102$ is good but it's only for the last month, damn they most give me 350$ or something I will check the history later "they skipd a lot of payment periods" ...

3. w1ssam (310) 4 months agoSo what is the solution?

4. myLot_Payments (33) 4 months agoUnfortunately for you, we are unable to send any funds into Libya.

Seo Contest code : "x25556x88899s888d"

I will give away a free domain name of your choice to the first page that shows on Google when I search for the code : x25556x88899s888d , RSS stealers wouldn't get it, just a pure nice page with the code on the title and a link to on it somewhere will be great ...

as I promised I will give you the domain you want what ever it was, you wont lose anything by placing a page with that code and my link on your blog site or even a myspace profile ^_~ .

How to make your ads related to your Swicki

Someone from DigitalPoint asked :

Hi Wissam.

I just read your post about Swiki and made one for myself. I put the AdSense ad but realized that they don't relate to the search results. My Swiki is about "His Niche" but the ads are about "MySpace Layouts" and stuff.

Can you please let me know how I can get the results to relate to my topics?


And I answered :

Well, try targeting AdSense bot using section targeting :
log-in your swicki >> Customize templates
and then place this code in your side bar :

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

HERE = A small description about your niche "x" including the important keywords to you and give Google 72 hours to start showing ads related to the text you are going to type there ...

This is the only solution for now since you can't modify your swicki source code deeply ...

How to hide Extreme Tracker and why ?

Extreme tracker lately wont show if you hide the code or resize the picture, too bad but do you know that by exposing your tracker people will access to your stats, find out your secret keywords, where do you get traffic from, how much visitors you got and even where your vsitors from ...

I say hide it using my trick or don't use it at all, and the most recommended : buy the private version or use your own server counters they work fine ...

The code to hide Extreme tracke without getting your account closed or even noticed is divided into 2 parts :

The CSS part, put it on your header :

z-index: 1;
visibility: hidden;
position: absolute;
z-index: 10000;

And place this right before the </body> tag or anywhere you like

<div id="extreme">
Tracker Code

ok that's all for now ....

An Idea to make money with AdSense referrals

If you leave outside of the US, have an AdSense account ... you will be make the most of your money from - "Firefox, pack, AdWords, AdSense" referrals ... Specially firefox ..

For example if you live in Russia buy a local Russian domain "" or even "", place some info about fire fox and your referral button so when some Russian dude download fire fox you get your 2 bucks, in the same time I guarantee you the first position on local search engines when someone search for Firefox in Russian .

sure don't forget some link building and SEO tricks ^_~....

you may find this post stupid but it's a stupid key to open the smart bigger ideas on your brain, it's up to your imagination ....

bye bye, and see you next post ...