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Internet marketing are no longer fun

Well, I am not interested on online marketing as the subject of my day, my blogs and whatever I do online, started to lose my sense of humor, my creativity and all the other shits I think I have, so I decided to turn my butt a 180 and start writing quality pure posts on new blogs that comes out from my heart, not from the human you created ...

and, web design is making me more money, will get my Microsoft mcse so soon, I guess I must plan for a better IT future ...

see you ...

Monthly SEO contest stats

Human-01 seo contest is still running even that we got a winner, I will give a chance to more people to win a free domain name registration .

Winner of the month is :
Keyword :
Prove :

PS : A winner can't win twice .

keyword for this month is a little bit harder "human-01 sucks"
just copy the code and past it in your source code and next month 18/05/2007 I will search Google for "human-01 sucks" the first search result will get a .org domain name with a basic web hosting plan "One year".

place this code in your page :
<a href=>Human-01
Dead line :
18/05/2007Goodluck seo rangers . is Scam

Yes it is, I invested 10$ then added 5$, I got my 10$ back and the rest 5$ + Revenue is still on my account, when I try to cashout one of those 50 cents instantly as I used to do an error message as the following appear :

Payout Fail please contact admin for assistants.
Error =You have an insufficient available balance of Gold: 0.000003 oz, whereas this payment requires 0.000739 oz of Gold.

Feels like that 0.000003 oz is the administrator balance, he got hacked by the owner of the script "Neversay", ran away, or it's an error, we will see ...

For More Information see what people thinks :

Top wanted keywords on Google - Traffic Bombs

Traffic Bomb -01 : AdSense and marketing related bombs
Here is a list of top wanted and searched keywords on Google, the idea is not putting them somewhere on your pages, the idea is that they are useful niches, here is the list if you know how to use then you will increase your traffic, if you don't then you tried ...