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AdSense earnings became low for everyone

I changed the layout of the blog by upgrading it into "Blogger Templates 2" finally, even that I loved the old version so much for the ease of playing around with your template, also I added a poll about AdSense, did you notice the drop down of AdSense earnings too ?
ok see you tomorrow, please comment and tell me if you like my new layout or the older messy one, and what do you think about AdSense drop down .

How to find the perfect niche for your site

Finding keywords for search engines isn't that hard as you think, here is my technique :
I watched a movie called White Noise, on the movie there was a part about "Tria Mera 666", I searched the internet for it but I didn't find a related website, it was all forums and unrelated forums, so I decided to post about it and steal all the traffic, just imagine that every person watches the movie will try to search for it as the hero did in the movie, and bingo I GOT 64 in the next 3 days look :

But what I want to say is " The key to find the perfect keyword is to write about what you can't find ", this is my quote so no stealing XP,Do you think my technique is the best, or there is better techniques ?

AdSense Referrals 2.0 ad optimizing

I am going to try it seriously for the first time and will share my experience with you, I used some ad optimization but sure without playing with the text-link-ad code .
so the result is something like this :

I am a 60% professional blogger

My Result :

Take the test too :

Tria Mera - 666 - The truth

Following is a reference to the movie white noise, what you see on this page is not my opinion, and I am not interested on this stuff, if you come here than you are probably searching after watching the movie or researching tria mera term, this is for educational purposes only.

The expression, Third Day, appears in several narratives in the Bible. (Occasionally, it is “three days.”) Some biblical interpreters have thought that some of these third day motifs have significance by signifying a certain divine principle, and a few interpreters have thought that they are cryptic in meaning. Why? Interestingly, these narratives record some of the most important events in the history of Israel. And surprisingly, except for the Bible’s mention of the third day, the seventh day, and its account of creation in Genesis 1, the Bible rarely mentions the other days of the week.
The Number of the Beast is described in the Book of Revelation 13:18. From the King James translation:[5]
Here is wisdom. L…