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Get social to be a successful webmaster

Like every professional webmaster you have an AdSense account, you know how to optimize your website for search engines, you know how to drive traffic, but driving traffic is the hardest part, you will start doing black hat SEO, even if you don’t realize it you will be doing it, there an easier way to drive traffic and it drive more traffic then black hat SEO “Black Hat Search Engine Optimization” it’s getting social, and what I mean by that is not starting a myspace profile and start spamming people or getting social in real life, it’s getting social on the internet, because what you deal with as a webmaster is humans, and humans started to realize what is “ADS” specially with that “Ads by Google” next to every ad no matter how you try to blend it, try to be professional, show your visitors that what matters to you is the quality of your website not the amount of clicks they give you, study humans and how they act, use visual trackers, there is a visual tracker that shows you where people exactly clicked on your website and a heat map that shows must wanted parts of your pages it is “CrazyEgg” tracker, use the free version it’s enough and tracks up to 5000 visitor per site or blog or even a single page, use "ExtremeTracker" to see what keywords lends you more traffic and focus on that word on more then an article, make it BOLD, “Between Quotes”, put t in the “title”, and your meta tag, make sure you don’t copy and past content from other websites, it will just mark your website
as trash and dig you to the last page of every search engine, and I say it again study and learn more about people, for example these days a lot of people started to turn EMO,

Emo boy and girl couple with nice makeupA picture of an Emo boy and an Emo Girl
Click to enlarge

“emo” is a term comes from “Emotional” a new generation of people mainly in USA that listen to rock “emo-rock” music and following their own tradition of dressing, but they don’t have a lot of resources on the internet, so when you search for the word emo all comes out to you is one relevant website, WikiPedia and some trash websites, what if you build a website focused on “how to be emo”, “how to dress emo”, “Emo bands”, “Emo music” you will provide those people with a great resource specially if it’s a blog that you post on it daily, you will see how your visitors will come to you day after day, you will see how much they will interact with you by leaving comments and sharing thoughts with you, this was just an example of how you touch your visitors socially, and make some extra money to satisfy your project and needs .

and remember, blog about the things you love, and try not to do it in a “spammer” way .

Feel free to leave your questions, positive or negative thoughts about my post using comments, see you next post .


steve said…
Dude that guy looks like a girl, this is the first time i hear about that emo thing
William Jobs said…
Getting social, that's reminds me of myspace friends adder somehow lol .
Amy said…
This advice makes a lot of sense. Making friends pays dividends.
Reztar said…
i must be lack of social life. i dont know what EMO is.
Wissam said…
Haha, you must get a hi5 or myspace profile to get a social life online.
siire said…
haha :P actually alot of facts wrong about emo, its actually been around in its essence since 1982... and emos are really supposed to listen to emocore (emotional hardcore) or other subgenres of hardcore.. but overall then yeah sure good idea, alot of emo websites are REALLY trashy and dysfunctional (mainly because modern emo isnt really its own thing, more like a mix between goth, metal and hardcore, and basically the only people tagging themselves as emo are too young to really even know what it is, that is to say usually around 11-14 y.o.)

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