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You comment I follow move

As you can see I added a "You comment I follow" badge that was originally designed by Randa Clay, This badge means that if a visitor comments his link will be shown without the "Rel=NoFollow" tag, the NoFollow tag tells Google not to give the power of the link on your page to the links, when you put the "i-follow" badge it means your blog is nofollow-free and who comments on it get Google juice, all blog platforms like Wordpress and Google have the NoFollow tags comes built in, to take it off on your blogger blog just search for "rel=nofollow" on your template and delete it .
it was originally added to blogs to decrease spam, so spammers wont spam you with links becase they will get nothing, don't worry, even if you took off the NoFollow just activate the word verification "Captcha" on your blog, so whenever someone want to comment they retype the verification word and spam bots can't do that.

the you comment I follow CSS badge, you can play with the colors to match your blog .
thanks for spreading the word .

<div style="background-color: #FFFFFF; width: 123px; height: 52px;">
<div style="background-color: #336699; float: right; width: 118px; height: 20px; color: #ffffff; font: bold 15px arial; padding-top: 3px; margin: 2px 2px 0px 2px; text-align: center;">
<div style="background-color: #D6D6D6; float: right; width: 118px; height: 21px; color: #336699; padding-top: 3px; margin: 2px; text-align: center; font-style:normal; font-variant:normal; font-weight:bold; font-size:15px; font-family:arial">


cece said…
Dude you need to have some rest or you are going to go crazy.
Wohoo said…
What do you mean by that wissam can you give more details. i should fix what?
Andy Bailey said…
I've met some really good people since I had the dofollow badge on my blog and I like to follow the ethos of visiting commenters blogs and joining the discussion there, and it's led me back here again. gotta be a good thing!
Wissam said…
that's what it's about, since I took off advertisement from my blog, everyone became my friend .
heat said…
Hey help me get this please.
Wissam said…
Help you get what ?
Love this movement!
I'm going to put the badge on my site too. I already follow links but I might as well advertise it too. In my opinion the nofollow tag is pretty useless or at least it doesn't do any good.
Thanks for sharing this piece of information. I have joined the You Comment I Follow a couple of days back.

I was looking for such a badge since then
I think do-follow adds new, refreshing points of view to a blog, making it seem more lively.
KMS girl said…
OK...time for me to learn how to change html on Google default template choices....oooh, so much to learn! I have a few blogs but rarely post on my own. I have no patience!
Sweet Messages said…
its nice to hear that you are interested in t he DO FOLLOW movement..If you make your comment field DO FOLLOW ,dont forget to wear the badge..
PEACE and warm greetings!
You have nice blogs.
I am neophyte on this field
but now learning to crawl like a child.
How i wish i could spend quality time
for blogging.
Keep it up and GbU!


Jimmy said…
Hii Thanks for this blog.i have been also doing blogging and was thinking about to give no follow links to the commentrs,but i was also afraid of how to protect it from spam,the suggestion given in your post that of use of word verification is very good idea.i will also implement this in my blog.
thanks for this informative post.
james said…
you have mentioned here about back links using dofollow and no follow links,but i have noticed that you have also used no follow links in your blog,any reason for that.
web design said…
I also love this movement, but it creates duplicate comments
I too have recently removed the nofollow tags from my blog.

I've also modified Randa Clay's original badge design for a 88*32 size. You can get the html code for the smaller badge at:
Coffee said…
thank you for good knowledge sharing.
Bakugan said…
you are always cool!
Double glazing said…
Comment and follow up both are useful for value of the work.
Dentist Belfast said…
Good post - thanks for writing. Just browsing around your blog at the moment.
NFL Shop said…
Very well written write-up. I literally enjoyed the concept described in the post. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource.
mba colleges said…
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