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Largest Number in the world ??

Sure you know about Human's SEO contest, to enter the contest you will have to put this "97e3613" and optimize your page for this keyword to win, then someone came up with a website called, and he said that string = the largest number in the world .

I will tell you the story of how I came up with that number but not so soon, untill the contest ends so no one comes with more rumors, I got it by converting a keyword into md5 then cutting the first 7letters from it.

anyway my post exist before the website if you check it using whois.

Dude, do you mean that I am lucky enough to figure out something stupid and new for the human being for just generating an md5 of my favorite word ever ??? ^_^ ... I don't know ..... Sounds like Spam

Well, from my earnings in the new program I can only think of two things. is a powerful spam project to gain traffic and sell their projects pretending to be a pay per click that will never pay you, or they still in the beginning with no advertisers, anyway I am giving them another chance.
Here is a screen shot of the few last days earnings:

Anyway my earnings from Widgetbucks "a real program" are raising like heaven, I am making about 5-7 a day from Widgetbucks with 7 referrals so far, I can't wait until the payout.

Selected for the Feox Beta Advertising Program

I got this email right now :

You recently signed up to be a part of the Feox beta testing program.

We have good news! Your website has been specially selected be take part in
our exclusive beta testing program.:-)

Just in case you forgot what Feox is, it is a new cutting edge form of
advertising that let's you utilize the images on your web site as
advertising space. You won't lose any of your traditional advertising spots.
Feox image ads are unobtrusive and only show when a user mouses over one of
your images.

Very good, now I will put this picture as a test and watch the result .

Screenshot of user panel:

A video :

I'll keep you informed .

Publisher FAQ’s

Some images I don't want to display ads on, can I prevent ads on some images?
Yes it is easy to prevent ads from displaying on any image or images on your website. Need to set attribute advert="no" in image tag. We also prevent ads from displaying on all common banner sizes to prev…

Feox Image Ads Rocks

Always the first to notice cool stuff, Human-01 found a new way of making money, it still virgin and new so get first to get old later and gain some experience.

Feox is a cool advertising network that publishers can make a lot of money from, when you place the code in your page, images will turn into ads, you can tag images so when a user moves his mouse over any of the tags it will show a small hint and become clickable .

So prepare your self and sing-up as a beta tester since the program is new and under development .

I think they must start a referral program too to get a buzz, free ads and tons of new publishers and that means tons of advertisers .
Here is a video :

Wordpress SEO plugins

I recently found out that the best SEO blogging platform is Wordpress, that doesn't mean that others are trash, but WordPress is the easiest platform when it comes to search engine optimization .

By default WordPress comes with friendly urls that you can customize, so far it's known that the best method yet is Category/Post-name, there is tons of WordPress SEO Plugins like this cool list I found on :
Dagon Design Sitemap Generator - Let’s be honest once you’ve got a site over 50 pages maintaining a sitemap by hand is tedious and inefficient. This plugin has quite a few options and takes care of all the grunt work for you.
Feedburner Replacement Plugin - Let’s you keep your feedburner feed on your domain.
Objection Redirection - This plugin by Dax is one of the most powerful and useful plugins I use. It let’s you redirect old and broken url’s to clean and fresh url’s without you having to touch an htaccess file.
Google Sitemaps The Google Sitemaps Webmaster Cent…

Endless Online Hacks

Since no one tried to teach people on how to hack Endless Online "MMORPG", I decided to show people the basic tool for hacking this game or basically hacking any online game, this game is so simple and server sided, so you can do nothing about it in your PC, all you have to do is to monitor packets while playing, for example when you get gold or get EXP when killing a monster this data will be sent to the server, save the packet, and re send it thousand of times using "WPE" means "Winsock Packet Editor" and you will get loads of gold, LVL up by getting EXP points.

Download WPE here.
Tutorial showing you how to use it.
Endless Online Map.

I hope you find this information useful, this post is for people coming from Google searching for Endless online hacks and Cheats .

And I hope I get ranked first in Google for the keyword : word Endless Online Hacks.

Get traffic using P2P and start making money

I am sharing a valuable information with you, it's the secret of getting millions of visitors per hour, so simple, and for doing nothing, few people already making tons of bucks while killing child porn in the same time for example .

We all knows LimeWire, it's a nice little program based on JAVA, when you type a keyword to search for it comes back with a result which is a list of files that you can start downloading immediately, each file exist on another person's machine, like you ...
the search engine works this way :

So basically the network works as a search engine and the keywords are the file names, you are connected with the network and the users "Peers" so you search using the P2P server and download directly from the Peers while they download from you too "File sharing" .

Now this is not the point, I have an idea, but it's just a key, you have to use your imagination to come up with your own idea .

I call my idea the Anti Child porn aka "K…

WidgetBucks better then AdSense

WidgetBucks, this new great pay per click program will get famous so fast, may be I am the last one to know but wait a minute, it doesn't look like ads, it looks like a widget, so everyone will be clicking on it .
I got 0.28$ on my first click, I get about 1 cent from AdSense + smart pricing .
you can get paid through PayPal, and it is very contextual that means it show related products to your page just like AdSense.
and what I love about it is that you get paid per click not sale or lead which is easier for us "publishers" .

If you want to register using my link click here
if you don't want to thank me just go to ...

Soon I will be posting tips, tricks, hacks and new ways to make money from widget bucks, I love those new sexy widgets .

Blogging for money tips

I found a new Getting Paid to blog program that you can join and start filling up your PayPal account right away, there is a lot of opportunities more then you think, most of them are more then 5$, just imagine that you post 2 posts a day about 2 opportunities, that means 10$ and that's a 300$ a month, but as I told you most of them are more then 5$, sometimes 6$ sometimes 12$ .
if your page rank is 0 you will be making 5$ per post .

How it works ?
Advertisers wants to get "page rank", "Traffic", "Links" or a Buzz around the web, so they come to Smorty and pay them 100$, Smorty take 10$ for the service and divide the rest "90$" into 5$, now we have 18 of that 5$, Smorty put that opportunity online and after 18$ writes about it each one of them get 5$ .
but what I am talking about here is Advertisers paying thousands, hundreds of bloggers are making money already, lot of opportunities and lot of juice .

Why it's good for Seo "My Personal …

AdSense Video Player

Now you can include a code snippet from Google AdSense in your website to play Youtube videos plus it will show AdSense ads also, so you will make money while keeping your visitors happy .

I did read the Google post they announced this right now, but so sad didn't find it in the AdSense setup tab, guess they will add it after a while .

Read about more at Google AdSense official blog : Inside AdSense: Introducing video units. Review is an online market for light fixtures, offering the lowest prices from top manufacturers, I like thier products and so their easy to use shopping card and delivery system .
links from Arreys :
chandeliershome lightinglighting fixturesbathroom light fixtureskitchen light fixturesceiling light fixtures

Well it's time for something shiny and new .

SEO mistakes to avoid

Some of you may already know about this mistakes, but I want to make sure that people who don't know about it will read this and avoid this mistakes :
Do not submit your site more then twice to Google specially if you didn't get indexed in the first week, instead try to have more links from other websites pointing to you .

Do not copy and past content or news, and if it's important try to copy the minimum you can and past between quotations.

Make sure that you don't have a lot of External links pointing to other websites on your main page, if it's important add the NoFollow, make it worth it to buy a link in your main page, but that's not all it's all about SEO.

you must realize that external links from other websites pointing to your pages with related Anchors is more important then internal links inside of your website pointing to each others, so optimizing your website is not enough if no one is linking it but it's good also.

Do not spam, or use a bunch o…

The you comment I Reply Movement

A new movement to show your visitors that you will reply to them, visit their blogs or at least you wont ignore them, to be a part of the community you created your self.
follow Mike movement.

220 wordpress Word press themes

220 Super wordpress themes, download :
Mirror (1).
Password for RAR file:

Website Ribbon Generator

A friend of mine started his first web 2.0 services, it's a Ribbon Generator, it's a great tool powered with Ajax, the design will be great if he redesign the logo following web 2.0 rules, and make some rounded corners since he kept some margins in the top .
10722 ribbons were generated so far, well .. Good luck ...

SEO plugin for Firefox

I just found out about a great search engine optimization tool, a plugin for Firefox that shows you top Keywords on a page, links in and links out, Alexa rank, Whois, Google page rank and indexed pages, Keywords Density, and it doesn't use any other website to show you the information, it do it directly from Firefox using CHROME, so there is no third party or Ads.
Download From Mozilla Firefox Website.

Web 2.0 Genrators

How to hide Blogger navbar on blogger 2 blogs

If you want to remove the blogger to bar that is used for search, traffic between members and login details, I think your blog will look better without it and more professional .
just copy the code in this page :
Click Here To see the code.
and past it in you template right after the Head tag .

if you can't do it, or you're too lazy I made a simple widget that you can add to your blog and it should do the same trick for you in one click :

MT6227 Drivers and pc sync "Chinese Phones"


Sorry MT6227 FIRMWARE is not available at the moment.

English User Manual- Thanks to Nilesh

Please try it and tell me by comments, I don't have my Chinese phone anymore.

Drivers for Chinese phones that you can't find elsewhere, like "Cect Elink" Phones that I talked about here .

PC Sync Manager

"MT6227" USB Modem Driver

Edit : Driver works for p168 also, if you tried other phones please tell me by commenting .

Update : Works On All Chinese Phones

A meeting with a blogger

Today I met a blogger in real life, his name is Razza, he commented on my blog then I did visit his blog and coming, somehow he asked me where I live so I answered, I think that we are friends now, we went out me him and two of my crazy rockers friends, we walked we had dinner and drink coffee, I shared some SEO tricks with him that I didn't expose yet, and he did also, he is from Indonesia a beautiful country, finally I found a geek to hang out with and we are planing to start our very own secret niche, and sure some real life business .