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You can access system files for the MT6227 Chinese phones by turning off the phone, connecting it trough USB, you will have 2 drives for example E: and F:, one is for the system and the internal memory of the phone, the other is for the memory card if inserted, Now copy all of the files on the system and save them into your PC, when you get things messed up or your phone sadly stated to restart "Like the bluetooth problem" just copy the files back into the phone.

I know that this trick works, but for an actual firmware I can't find or suck out the MT6227 firmware, I hear there is a version can be installed trough Linux, but whatever who is going to install Linux on their machine for a stupid phone.

I got a new phone, I can't hold anymore with MT6227, my new phone is Samsung e250, not perfect but better then the Cect Elink MT6227 I had.

It have bluetooth, Micro card slot, web browser, email SMTP service, MMS, SMS and other stuff, fine camera , perfect music player i…

Build your page rank all over again

If you lost your good PR on the last Google update I have a solution, stop trying to build it, stop selling links, don't buy links for PR, PR is no use but a sign of the page quality, there may be 2 million copies of a document but the difference between them is PR, PR shows you where is the original thing is, genuine or not, it have nothing to do with traffic, and sure it have nothing to do with your position for certain keywords.

so simple and clear, ignore page rank, forget it, kill the idea and move on by building a nice community no matter if it's a website, blog or forum, communicate and follow the main target, your goal ... did you forget... it's helping out humanity, get fame, get money ...

take care ...

Keep flies away from your screen

At night flies and insects comes from the window and keep bugging me by hanging around my screen, so I opened this page, and both flies ran away, yes they was two lol.

Don't worry you can work and show the spider in the same time, for me I was so lazy to use this solution "Look at the screenshot":
Belive it or not, it works perfectly, better then the noisy anti-mosquito technique.

Edit: Sometimes killing insects manualy can save a lot of time and give better result, just like I did now ....

I got a new job

I became the marketing manager for a detergents company, today is my 5th day, I will get a small salary of 400$ monthly in the first 3 months then it will increase if I do some great work for the company, right now I am focusing on advertisement this is how we are going to sell our products, we will start advertising now even before producing our new products to the market.
but I am confused about this marketing management job, I know I am good in online marketing that's why they pick me, but in real life..... I need more experience, I hope I gain more experience in the next 3 months.