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Hacking Fiesta online (Server Sided Hacks)

Hacking Fiesta online was mostly client sided, I decided to show people the basic tool for hacking this game or basically hacking any online game "Server side", this game is so simple and server sided, so you can do nothing about it in your PC, all you have to do is to monitor packets while playing, for example when you get gold or get EXP when killing a monster this data will be sent to the server, save the packet, and re send it thousand of times using "WPE" means "Winsock Packet Editor" and you will get loads of gold, LVL up by getting EXP points.

Download WPE here.
Tutorial showing you how to use it.

this tool is for advanced user and I will provide no more explanation, now fiesta is free of any protection, no X-trap or anything else so use this chance.

I hope you find this information useful, this post is for people coming from Google searching for Fiesta Online Hacks and Cheats .

And I hope I get ranked first in Google for the keyword : Fiesta Onlin…

A new danger virus AVPO.EXE

If id didn't infect your PC yet, then prepare your self it's coming you like it or not, AVG, Kaspersky, Macafe, and other Anti viruses are unable to detect this danger virus which is programmed used "Autoit" a scripting language usualy used to make bots for IRC , Chat spamming, Online games auto leveling and advertising.

and if you are infected already here is a post that will help you and lets call it a survival guide, because this virus really pissed me off and played with my pc.

avpo.exe removal guide

You may want to check the link to know how to detect the infection, may be you have it.

Widgetbucks Paid me

Widget bucks paid me finally, I am amazed and I love it, but right after that someone used my paypal to pay for some hosting reselling company "all of my money", I reported to PayPal resolution center and still waiting for response..

Suspesius payment made to : Proxy Inc (

I don't know if someone hacked me or something but I know that with Kaspersky internet security I have it's impossible... and it's up to date..

Fiesta Online Hacks - Outspark


If you play Fiesta, you know there's not many public hacks released yet [accept for a bot created by "Labyrnth" which is FANTASTIC I might add!] This is a simple tutorial on how to walk on absolutely nothing as if you were flying.

How to:

Step 1: Open your Fiesta Client and begin playing. Open Cheat Engine.
Step 2: Enable "Pause the game while scanning" then have your player stand completely still and start your scan with 0.
Step 3: After the scan is complete, put the integer "1" in the "Value" textbox. Go to the game client then jump. While you are still in the air scan 1 next.
Step 4: After that scan is finished, stand still again and search 0. [Repeat this process until you have about 5-7 addresses left.
Step 5: You will notice two of the found addresses will both go to 1 when you jump, then back to 0 when you are still. But one of those addresses will change to 3 while you are falling. Now take the address which changes fr…

WidgetBucks is Scam

Well, no one really knows but be careful, there is a chance that it's just a scam since no one got paid, even me I earned enough to get paid but still nothing, w'll see.

if I don't get paid by this week I will be really pissed and try reporting to all scam listings.