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Showing posts from February, 2008 SCAM !!!

I got this link via my MSN from a friend :

Its a site that claims to allow you to find out who's blocked you on your MSN list.

To use it, you have to log in with your MSN email and password (first warning sign). What it does then is apparently logs into your MSN silently (you're then logged out) and sends an email with its own URL to all your friends in your MSN. This becomes a viral infection of a massive scale.

What a brilliant idea!

Two was to find out who's behind it.

1. Do a WHOIS on them, which will show very limited information because they're in hiding:

Domain Name:

Status: clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:

Expiration Date: 2009-02-27
Creation Date: 2008-02-27
Last Update Date: 2008-02-27

Name Servers:

IP Address:

Got PSP finally

I bought a PSP "PlayStation Portable" today and finally ^_^, now I hack it and run simulators on it, and I heard that people can install windows 95 on it so I am planing to try that out, now all I have to do is to get a nice 1gb memory stick and buy a game or two, me buying a PSP means that I will be posting hacks, tweaks and gadgets for the PSP in human-01 blog so soon, but first of all I wanna connect it o my laptop using the ad hoc technique so I can browse the internet from it without needing an access point.

Best regards fellow readers.

Chinese phones quality

Chinese phones are spreading worldwide, the performance is great but you can't install anything on it, the camera is crap and not even 1 mega pixel, the raw materials of the body is acceptable, so the quality of chinese phones are low and crap but good for savvy people who don't want to spend a lot of money and in the same time get a phone with music and camera or may be even double SIM card.

they come in varies shapes, clones freaky shapes, tiny shapes, double sided "2 in one" and lot of other shapes and sizes.

The blutooth doesn't work most of the times, but I heard that a chines company called anycall makes clones with blutooth.

you get a USB wire with it but you don't get a software for transferring your files.
I posted a solution for this so it's no more a problem click here to see the post.

You know that you can use as a web cam but you never get that to work.

I mean those chinese cloners have to label thier companies and focus on quality more then quanti…

"The Group Policy security settings that apply to this"

If you ever get this message when trying to modify or start the group policy console in your pc: "The Group Policy security settings that apply to this machine could not be determined. The error returned when trying to receive these settings from the local security policy database (%windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb) was: The parameter is incorrect. All local security settings will be displayed, but no indication will be given as to whether or not a give security setting is defined by Group Policy. Any local security settings modified through this user Interface may subsequently be overwritten by domain -level policies." Just start the RUN and type the following command: esentutl /p %windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb

Error 1402: Could not open key "Solution"

Some users get this message while trying to install a program, follow the steps to successfully install the software and fix the error:

1) Open the registry editor by selecting "Run" from the start menu and then typing in "regedit".

2) Browse through the registry and select the entry mentioned in the error message.

3) Choose "Permissions..." from either the edit menu or by right-clicking on the registry key's parent directory.

4) Click the "Advanced" button to add a new user.

5) Type in "Everyone" as the new user and click OK (it may not be necessary to give everyone full control but this is what I did and it worked).

6) Configure the permissions for user "Everyone" to "Full Control"

7) Uninstall the software (if necessary) and re-install.

Credits goes to:

For Windows ME and if the other method didn't work:

How do I get rid …

Mandriva LINUX 2008

I finally installed Mandriva Linux 2008 "Operating System" on my PC and Laptop, everything went great and the installation was simple and takes only half an hour, on the PC the 3D desktop and modems didn’t work, on my laptop everything works great including my ATI Raidon 200 VGA which is great, but sure the modem didn’t work, I tried to install drivers for my ADSL modem Sagem F@st 800-840 but In the end I gave up, I am still not good enough with the shell (Konsole) “AKA Dos for Windows”, Mandriva comes with a great Open Source software package like OpenOffice (Everything in Microsoft office including Financial manager), Games, System tools, Programming Tools, Databases, Servers like apache, compilers, Graphic (GIMP) & drawing programs, Drivers for most known hardware and other useful good programs.

if you want the Sagem F@st 800-840 drivers click here.

The Operating system is still not perfect because of some bugs in media streaming software, but it's very user friendl…