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Error 1402: Could not open key "Solution"

Some users get this message while trying to install a program, follow the steps to successfully install the software and fix the error:

1) Open the registry editor by selecting "Run" from the start menu and then typing in "regedit".

2) Browse through the registry and select the entry mentioned in the error message.

3) Choose "Permissions..." from either the edit menu or by right-clicking on the registry key's parent directory.

4) Click the "Advanced" button to add a new user.

5) Type in "Everyone" as the new user and click OK (it may not be necessary to give everyone full control but this is what I did and it worked).

6) Configure the permissions for user "Everyone" to "Full Control"

7) Uninstall the software (if necessary) and re-install.

Credits goes to:

For Windows ME and if the other method didn't work:

How do I get rid of what seem to be eternal names in my Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box?

There are a few ways to remove programs from the Install/Uninstall tab (the one that appears when you open the Control Panel and double-click Add/Remove Programs). First try from the Add\Remove Programs list again and see if Windows actually tells you that it will remove it from the list for you.

You can also do it using the Tweak UI PowerToy: Open the Control Panel, double-click Tweak UI, select the Add/Remove tab, select an item you'd like to remove, click the Remove button, then click Yes to confirm.

Don't have Tweak UI? You can still clean out the Install/Uninstall
list, but you'll need to do a little Registry editing. (Note: As
always, back up your Registry files--System.dat and User.dat, hidden
files on the root of your hard drive--before proceeding.)

Open the Registry Editor--select Start, Run, type


and click OK. Navigate your way to


In the left pane, with the Uninstall key expanded, right-click any
item and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm, and that item is
officially off the list. Repeat these steps for each item you'd like
to remove, then close the Registry Editor.


Anonymous said…
Worked Great and thanks, I was grtting very frustrated installing Adobe Pro 7. Thanks!!!
Kathy said…
This worked for me too! I have not been able to install itunes because of this error. I could not get an answer from anyone that worked. THANKS AGAIN!
Anonymous said…
will this fix work for windows ME also? I've been online with Symantec support for about forty minutes so far and they say it won't but.. ? Thanks
Wissam said…
Didn't try it in Windows me, but I got you a solution, check my post again now there is a ME fix.
Anonymous said…
what would I be deleting? the key I don't have sufficient access to?
Wissam said…
What I understood is that you can't install some application, may be the first attempt dropped some registry keys, then you couldn't finish installing because of the permission problem, so deleting the keys would be a good idea before you install again, that post was an example to give you the basic idea but not a solution for your exact problem.
try the first method as I didn't try it in windows ME.
Anonymous said…
Didn't work, as stated, for me as it wouldn't let me save the permissions change. But I found that if I tried to change the owner, it would fail twice and then the permissions change would be applied....
Weird, but it worked.
Thanks for putting me on the right track!
SanTee said…
This worked for me! Thank you! I've been searching for solution whole day! Thank you again!
Anonymous said…
Thanks - just installed itunes 8 with your helpful guide for allowing access to a troublesome 'key'. Belinda
BammBamm said…
Your solution worked flawlessly. Cannot thank you enough. Very much appreciated! :D
Craig said…
Saved me hours, thanks very much!
Anonymous said…
Worked for me with an MS Office Outlook 2007 Error 1402 problem. Saved me many heartaches and wish to thank you for your advise. Have a great day! I am now :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. in addition to acquiring permission for MSFS, I had to get it for MAPI.
Anonymous said…
Was trying to get adobe reader 9.10 and kept getting the registry entry delete error. This soln. worked..thanks !!
Anonymous said…
Thanks a million! I tried to install Adobe Reader 9, but could't, until i discovered your post. IT WORKED like a charm! Thanks again.
Jorge Galan said…
i am as administrator but i can't change the permissions because i don´t have permissions. it sucks
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much. I was so frustrating trying to fix a Sprint wireless card installation with over an hour on the tech support line with them concluding it was a registry issue so I tried 4 registry cleaners and the MS installer cleanup utility with no results either. I just keep googling and found your blog. Persistence paid off. I bookmarked your blog for future use. Awesome!
Jonathan said…
Thank you, I followed these directions and it worked first try!
junior8190 said…
i cannot find where the key iz located i think it doesnt exist. please help.
mxmsj said…
You are da man!

Thanks so much for the information.

I've told my whole story on my own blog and made a little video tutorial of how to change ownership and permissions.

The big problem I had the first time I tried to follow your advice was that I clicked on the box to "replace owners on subcontainers and objects". That was stupid because the affected keys had no subcontainers or objects and the action failed. Hours and hours later, I came back to your approach, didn't do that, and started to have success.

The long version of the story.
Anonymous said…
Your solution worked perfectly releived months of tension and frustration Cannot thank you enough
Melbourne Australia
Michael5544 said…
Worked great for me releived months of frustration with Windows
Anonymous said…
Thanks a million! You solved what was hours of frustration. Kudos!
Anonymous said…
for me did not worked unfortunatelly ... says that unknown vallue...what can i do? please help me !!!
Wissam said…
I am glad that it worked for you guys, I am here to help, and for the unknown value issue it's just a corrupted registry problem so you need to run a check, or you are browsing the wrong path.
While installing Microsoft 2007, half way through the process, this error message came and rolled back the installation:

"ERROR 1402. Setup cannot open registry key UNKNOWN\.mpf. Verify you have sufficient permission to access registry....."

I tried again, making sure "Run as Administrator", but the same error message keeps coming.

I followed Wissam's instructions, but keep getting the same error message.

It is very frustrating.
Can someone please help?

Thank you so much!
Richard said…
Fantastic and easy fix!!!!!!!!Worked first time. THANK YOU WISSAM IDRISSI............
Anonymous said…
Hello Everyone,

I followed Wissam's advice, step by step.

I had to do it 3 different times as each error had a different path.

Once completed however, it worked FIRST TIME...

Too bad I brought a peace of software minutes before I saw the advice.

Thanks Wissam, I really appreciated the advice/help.

Regards Andrew3
Anonymous said…
It did not work for me, I still cannot install my software. Please help!

Joel Avignone

Anonymous said…
brilliant worked a treat - thks

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