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FreeHostia blocked_61

You will get an error trying to access your website "ERROR 304 FORBIDDEN", and when you try to login to your control panel you will get blocked_61 Error, all this means that someone tried to hack your website, or your blogging or forum software or you are running a backgroun proccess on the server, all you have to do is to log in, ignore the blocked_61 error and click on the suppurt button and open a new support ticket saying your setuation, someone from the support center will send you an answer saying you were running something on the background and don't do it again, and your website will be running like charm.

This guide is to help people coming from Google searching for a solution for this error.

Free Full PSP Games

No need to UMD "Universal Media Disk" all you need is a memory card 1gb or higher "I got 2 gb for 20$ localy", and a custom firmware, and a bunch of games from Mininova "PSP Torrents".

All fonts looks Italic FireFox and IE

If all fonts started to sound Italic in your Firefox, Internet Explorer IE, Word and other application that require user input and have rich text formatting, and you want to fix the problem you came to the right place.

The fix is simple:
Download the Arial font here
Now extract the file using WinRar or WinZip so you will get a file named Arial.ttf
Finally copy that file to your fonts directory it is usualy :

This post is to help people coming from Google searching for all fonts look Italic, Italic font firefox