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How To Get Ideas About Your Next Post

Blogging is easy, and now anyone can start a blog, and there is a lot of kids out there doing it better then adults, the problem is coming up with ideas for your next post, I am sharing my technique and you might find it useful:
If you get comments, you may inspire your next post from a comment or a question that your reader left in your post.When you are blogging ideas will keep jumping one after another, try to keep some for tomorrow.Try to be unique and that attract more readers, don't copy and past the half of your post from someone else "Not good for SEO and the sake of being original".Try not to go out of the subject "Niche" of your blog, if your blog is about dead fish then don't write about horses a lot.Get Ideas from real life, as simple as it seems.and finally use Google to find this. That was my technique, it's a key, find the door your self.

Google Experimental Search - A good niche finder

I just found out that Google Experimental Search is a good tool for webmasters and SEO optimists, it is a great keyword research tool for us more then a search suggestion tool for normal users, actually by comparing the result with Adwords keyword tool I found out that it sort keywords by search volume of the previous month, so while you are searching in Google "Can't use the word googling lol" you will find out new niches and keywords for your next post or website in the fly.
this tool is old, but this is a new benefit of it.

Join the experiment and it will automatically turn Google main page to Google Experimental Search.

Freedom Of Bloggers Controlled By Bloggers

Professional bloggers are those who makes lot of money and gets a lot of traffic, NOT TRUE.
I putting no rules, but I have an opinion, professional bloggers are those who gain the trust of their readers no matter what the subject they blog about about, money, fame and traffic comes later after that, nowadays bloggers everywhere are putting the rules of blogging, do that, don't do that, sometimes we learn a good tip, sometimes it changes us to worse, but how is that ??
When you are writing your post like I am doing now, you wont speak freely and you wont say what's in your mind just because you did read in another blog that if you write that your readers wont come again, so I decided to blog as I want, I am not following any rules, because my readers are my friends and I am not faking them just to stay and read any lies, actually thats what I am doing for a long time.
I will simply follow common sense which is built-in every human.

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