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Virtual Payment - eCurrency Providers

Ultimate Game Card™
The new way to play over 150 games online with one pre-paid card! Powered by PayByCash®, the Ultimate Game Card is available in thousands of convenient locations across the USA. Using the Ultimate Game Card is just like spending cash: safe, quick and easy. The Ultimate Game Card makes the perfect gift for any occasion.
Bank Transfer
International customers can securely wire a payment directly to us from their bank. Customers around the world simply send their wire to another bank within their own country and there is no need to convert to U.S. Dollars when sending bank transfers to PayByCash!
Bank Transfer
Securely wire directly from your bank account. We have an account in your country to save you money and time.
Boleto Bancário
Boleto Bancário is one of Brazil's leading payment choices. Customers simply need to visit one of the convenient Boleto Bancário locations in their area, and pay with cash or any other accepted method. A statement is generated and sent to the PayByCash processing website, and the order is processed quickly and efficiently within 3-4 days.
BPay is one of the most popular payment methods in Australia. It is similar to an online bank transfer, and the money is withdrawn directly from the customer's online bank account. The processing time generally takes 2 to 3 business days.
Cash (through the mail)
Easy, convenient, and with PayByCash®, finally useful on the Internet! You use cash everyday in real life, offline. Now you can use it online, too.
Launched in 2002, cashU is the most popular internet payment solution in the Middle East and North Africa region. CashU is available in 19 countries. You can add credits to your cashU account using refill coupons and then use it on its network of affiliated merchants to make your payments. cashU is just like any other credit card, only much safer.
Check (by fax)
It doesn't get much easier than this. Submit your subscription request to us and follow it with a mailed or faxed check (check by fax is currently only available for checks drawn on U.S. banks).
CLICK2PAY is a new Payment Community, connecting merchants and users, providing all necessary tools for simple and safe micropayments.
Debit Card (via IPS)
Over 450 million Chinese internet users regularly purchase goods and services online. Approximately 92% of all online Chinese payments are made with local debit cards. Through IPS, PayByCash supports over 20 Chinese bank cards, representing 98% of the Chinese debit card system.
e-Bullion is a very popular e-currency, which supports both gold-based and USD-based e-currencies. Due to security restrictions, only payments from CryptoCard protected e-Bullion account can be accepted.
e-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.
Easecard is a Chinese RMB Yuan e-Wallet, as well as a Chinese debit card billing platform for internet online merchants. Easecard is helping revolutionize Internet purchasing in China by creating an easy to use, secure, and anonymous payment platform.
eCheck (one-time direct debit)
As easy as writing a paper check, but without the mailing hassles or postage costs. You can write us a virtual check online and we will process your payment as soon as we get it!

Some merchants require your Virtual Check payment to clear before service is granted, which may take up to 8 business days. Once your check has cleared, you will receive an email confirmation. It will be clearly stated if this applies to your order.
eNETS lets customers in Singapore or China pay with only a few clicks of their mouse or on their mobile phone.
Die Online-Überweisung hat sich über Jahre etabliert und bewährt. Mehr als 10 Millionen Online Banking-Nutzer stellen ein erhebliches Kundenpotenzial dar. Den Bezahlservice Online Überweisung kann jeder nutzen, der über ein freigeschaltetes Online Banking Konto mit PIN/TAN bei den angeschlossenen Banken verfügt.
Ficha RAP by Print&Pay
Ficha Rap is one of leading payment choices in Mexico, and provides consumers with financial choices, convenience and control. Just visit one of the convenient Ficha Rap locations anywhere in Mexico, and they'll make sure your payment is securely wired to PayByCash within 8-12 hours.
GiroPay is a payment system in Germany consisting of an alliance of the German postal system and all major German banks, which allows account holders to pay for goods and services via direct funds transfer from their bank account. Safe and highly secure, GiroPay is a highly popular payment method in Germany.
Gold Money
GoldMoney® is one of the best ways to buy and sell gold - it's easy and inexpensive, plus you have the convenience of transacting online.
Google Checkout
Google Checkout™ is a new service that makes online shopping faster, more convenient and more secure. Google Checkout accepts most of the standard credit card types (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card)
Canadian credit union members across Atlantic Canada can now transfer funds in real time from their bank account directly into a linked hyperWALLET through their secure MemberDirect® online web banking application and then use that to pay their PayByCash subscriptions.
iDEAL is another highly popular online payment system, located in Belgium. Simply place your order at at any internet cafe that accepts iDEAL, and the money is securely withdrawn from you bank account. Safe and secure.
INOCard is based on brand new American OnLineCard™ technology. The INOCard client software resembles normal a credit card, making it easy to use. INOCard is the safest payment system, according to Russian experts.
The INSTADEBIT Payment Service allows you to make secure payments or deposits to merchants directly from your Canadian or U.S. bank account in real time. The service is FREE to the consumer.
Mister Cash
Mister Cash is the most popular e-wallet in Belgium, allowing card holders to pay via Mister Cash in over 9,000 Belgium shops, as well as for purchases online.
MOLePoints is an online micropayment system offered by MOL AccessPortal Berhad (MOLAccess) to MOL Members since the year 2002. This payment system enables its MOL Members to shop online at and member registration is FREE. Once registered, MOL Members will automatically be accorded a MOL Member account.
Money Order or Cashiers Check by Mail
Don't have a checking account or prefer not to use it? All you need to do is send us a money order. As soon as we get it, you are online!
moneybookers™ enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online – in real-time! Moneybookers Limited is a money transmitter regulated under UK law, owned by Gatcombe Park Ventures Limited, London.
MoneyMail was opened in 2005 and quickly gained popularity in Russia as it is supported by Russia’s largest portal, One of Money Mail’s notable features is its outstanding ease of use.1
myCitadel Wallet
Store real cash online with myCitadel Wallet: the most flexible online payment solution. Developed by Citadel Commerce, the leaders in online payment processing and developers of Citadel Checks, myCitadel Wallet is an easy-to–use and secure electronic wallet solution that allows consumers to safely and conveniently transfer funds to and from their favorite merchant Web sites.
One of the newest and most popular payment methods available in Brazil. Simply get a payment voucher from one of the convenient PayGNN locations, and hop online to redeem it. PayByCash will debit whatever amount you spend from the voucher, and give you your new voucher back as "change." Using PayGNN is – safe, quick and easy!
Very popular Australian online money exchange service, similar to PayPal for customers who have a bank account with an Australian bank.
The Paynova digital wallet is an easy and secure solution for different payment types and amounts. The wallet is available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French and English. It's possible to do business in: SEK, EUR, GBP, NOK, DKK and USD.
PayPal, an eBay Company, enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send payments online.
PayPoint is one of the UK's leading premier branded retail networks for the convenient local payment of household bills and mobile top-ups. With more than 15,000 outlets processing over 5 million transactions a day, no UK resident is more than 5 miles from a Paypoint outlet.
Paysafecard is Europe's first prepaid card for shopping on the internet. It allows everybody to pay online - currently paysafecard is available in many European countries.
Pecunix is a gold-based internet e-currency and payment solution with irrevocable transactions and sophisticated security.
Once a customer decides to pay cash for an online purchase, a Print & Pay statement is instantly generated at the online merchant site. The customer simply prints the statement and pays it in any participating Payment Point location, using cash or any other accepted method.
RuPay is very flexible web-based payment system, seeing widespread use in Ukraine, Russia and other former CIS nations.
SNAP is the prepaid card that lets you shop online privately, securely and easily. No forms to fill out, no registration, no credit checks. It is simple: just pick up a free SNAP Card at one of thousands of locations. Top it up whenever you like.
Th!s is a stored value gift card from the Netherlands. You can use Th!s gift cards to pay for goods and services online.
Todito Card
Todito Card is a prepaid card that can be purchased at over 20,000 locations throughout Mexico. It also offers an electronic wallet that makes it easy to access Todito Card funds.
UAH iMoney
UAH IMoney uses the same technology platform as Yandex Money (see below) but covers the Ukraine.
This stored value card, available at all China Post Offices, enables customers to make secure online purchases without having to provide banking or other personal financial information.
The new way to shop, play or pay online with cash. Get a Ukash voucher from thousands of convenient locations in the UK and across Europe then use the secure 19 digit Ukash number when you pay online. Spending Ukash is just like spending cash - its safe, quick and easy. Theres no registration and no hidden fees.
Wallie-card is a rapidly growing, stored-value card system originating out of the Netherlands. Cards of various denominations are purchased by consumers at petrol stations, newspaper kiosks, electronics stores, food chains, etc, and may then be used online. Wallie-card transactions are easy, safe, and speedy! Wallie-card will soon be available through much of Western Europe.
WebMoney Transfer
WebMoney Transfer is a global payment system available to all people worldwide and very popular in Russia and northern Europe.
Western Union QuickPay
Designed to be faster, if not cheaper than express overnight mail services. Customers worldwide can elect to use Western Union QuickPay and get their payment to us within 1-3 hours.
Yandex Money
Yandex Money was launched in 2001 and is the most popular Russian e-currency. Yandex Money supports both client-side e-wallet and web-interface login.


PMI-001 said…
Soon I will be sending my wire in order to get my card.
642-812 said…
Thanks for the details. I have a paypal account so I would like to use it buy it because it is much easier for me.
642-901 said…
what is the most reliable and easiest way to pay for it because I am confused that what kind of payment options should I use for it.
Anonymous said…
" .Hello,

'Yes', the Cart can be used for subscriptions.

Majority of our merchants' buyers are actually international. Sadly, not a lot of local users are accustomed to buying things online.
It does not include a website (although we also offer that service separately). You can get any 3rd party to do the website and we will just integrate with them.
Anonymous said…
There is a massive change underway in the mobile media market as it becomes unshackled from the operators’ portals that have dominated it for a decade, all without having made any significant inroads into the content use of mobile users. The new capped data packages, fuelled by further competition, will see a total revamp of the mobile media market. It will no longer be based on portals but on direct services by content and services providers via open source phones and mobile-friendly Internet-based services. The next step is the continued emergence of m-commerce and in particular m-payment services.
Post Free Ads said…
This is by far the best listing I ever come across. There is a huge demand for Virtual Payment in the market.

Good read.
Thanks for highlighting this topic. By the way by what order you have listed them down. Wish to see some rating or satisfaction grading from users.

Dr.Dennis Joshua

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