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Meta Tags & Page Elements Are Not Enough

Today search engines doesn't care about how much your codes are perfect and optimized for search engines or keywords in your Meta tags, today it's all about links.
More links to our page = Better Position.
What you need is a BUZZ, but how ??
Make friends no matter if you are a blogger or just marketing your program or website.
Send emails to bloggers asking them if they are interested to post about your product for a link back or whatever ideas that might get in your mind.

another way is just commenting and lets make this short "Seek and post", find blogs without the "NoFollow" tags, NoFollow tags is something in most blogs to prevent spam it basically tells the search engine "Do not see this link", "a bad idea it doesn't matter if you have it, you will get spammed anyway".

Here is a list of DoFollowblogs that will give you link love.
Or just Google around "DoFollow Blogs".

Directories will be a…

Make Money With

The program is in Beta, why I love joining beta programs:
1- I got nothing to lose as a publisher.
2- If the program succeed I will be a premier publisher and the most experienced.
3- Money, money, money.

Sell ad spots in all sizes and colors "Network Ads To Be Added Soon".
Make money by affiliating other publishers or advertisers.
Get paid according to your traffic, page rank, alexa rank, clicks or manualy put a price.

Get quality guaranteed traffic to your blog, website, product or whatever.

I will keep you informed.

Make Money With Qassia

Qassia is a site to which you can add your websites.
You can also add your knowledge, in the form of tidbits of information called "intel". The more intel you add, the better your sites will rank, the more backlinks you get, and the more money you make.

So what are you waiting for, sign up after checking my new Qassia profile:

Totally free for everyone.

I will keep you informed with my stats, reviews and earnings from Qassia.

We All Started From Zero

When it comes to bloggers, we all started from zero, from nothing to blogs we have today.
Sure when you started you didn't have readers, may be a few but you didn't stop posting and posting, thats good and made you what you are today.
but there is something you missed, when you wasn't famous enough you had a lot of nice posts that your new crowd didn't notice because they are digged deep in the archive.
the solution is a new section in your navigation menu called "Best of all time".
If you are in Wordpress you can use the rating plugin to have automation.
If you are in Blogger you can just put links manually and chose the best you wrote from the first day you started until today.

I wrote this post because I got the feeling that I have a lot of good information, secrets and tricks in making money, SEO and others, but they are hidden in the archive and people is not reading it, only sometimes when people comes from search engines they read it.

MT6227 USB To Serial Linux Driver

I've been looking for MT6227 drivers for Linux for a long time and came up with no result, "not for me, for the 1 million person contacting me wanting it", if you have the drivers please post the link as a comment and we all be grateful.

AdSense Fixed Revenue

I noticed that AdSense system don't want me to pass a specified level of earnings, when I get low amount of clicks I make an amount of money, when I get a higher amount of clicks some times doubled three times, I get the same amount or less.

Example: “Not actual numbers but just to make it simple to understand”
30 Clicks = $2.0
60 clicks = $2.23 “Why it's not $4.0 ?”

I know that different ads have different values, but when this happens always and everyday, I know that it's not a matter of luck, I think I am smart priced or it's the new system of AdSense.

What do you publishers think ???

Blogger 301 Redirect And PageRank Transfer

A new friend of mine "Kevin" wrote a comment asking an interesting question, a question deserves a new post.

Hi there Wissam. I'm from Crovess Blog. You just approved my Entrecard ad which I wanna say a thank you.

Anyway I'm on Blogger too with a custom domain. I totally agreed with you in this post. After buying a domain for the blog, it seems that the traffic has increased, and apparently, my blog has been exposed not only on Google, but on some major search engines as well.

However, buying a domain name for the blog doesn't fix my PageRank, Alexa or Compete issue. I don't get a rank on any of them. Do you have any idea about this?

Would be very much appreciated if you could leave me a comment on my blog as well.

Stay in touched, thank you.
Kevin, you must know that Blogger will redirect your old traffic to your new domain automatically using a 301 redirect, and after a week or so all of your old URL's will get replaced with new ones under a domain, but it …

Blogspot "Blogger" Blogs Lost Search Engine Traffic

Bloggers aren't getting traffic like before, me too I lost 40% of traffic on my blogs, from my personal experience, buying a domain from Google or elsewhere and turning your into will solve the problem.

I think that Google is trying to teach spammers a lesson, I hope everything turns fine since I can't buy a domain for each of my blogs.

And I tell you again, I am not sure about this but in my case it solved a lot of things.

Google Pages Bandwidth Limit

I though that "Google Page Creator" provides unlimited bandwidth so I started uploading all of my images out there.

I found out that Google provides a limited bandwidth, some people tried to count the bandwidth but they came up with different results, I think no one knows how much bandwidth Google Pages provide.

So I will just wait until the end of this month and change my images to different place "The visits are too heavy to save files in my own server."

sorry for my blog being with no images, it will be fine by the end of the month.
I will fix the logo and the side bar thou.

Anyway, Finishing bandwidth is a success to me.

Blogger Web 2.0 And SEO Templates

Most Beautiful Web2.0 and SEO Optimized Blogger "BlogSpot Blogs" templates "Layouts" in XML format, clean simple and free.

Follow the Link:

Blogger Seo and Web2.0 Templates

Misa Misa Cosplay "MisaMisa"

I am a big Anime fan, most of all a cosplay lover "Never Did it but I love it when people do it", my best cosplayer ever is the character "Misa Misa" from Death Note Anime and Movie.

I love Japanese stuff, Japanese food and I listen to Japanese rock, just sharing an interest and a nice market Niche.

Deadline Ignorance, Don't Do Like Me

In the beginning of this month, I made a contract with a big company to design and develop a powerful website for them, I did 25% of the work and kept my self busy with other things, the deadline is the end of this month 30 may, still have 10 days, I will work 5 hours a day to resolve the problem and finish the website before that date "Yes the website is huge".

I have to give up an exam tomorrow, but I think I will just stay up all night and do my exam, it means I will have to sleep tomorrow in 2 PM.

Stress management wont work this time, but I know I will be fine, it's all about "Words" and how to use them.

See you next post.

Wordpress VS Blogger

Lets keep this simple and short, you are a blogger, so you need a platform to use, the most user-friendly and customizable ones are: Wordpress "Self-hosted" and Blogger "Google hosted".

Wordpress is very easy to use, Blogger too.
Wordpress is open source, blogger is Google property.
Wordpress needs web hosting, Blogger is hosted for free with the ability to use a domain.
Wordpress is very easy to customize, Blogger too but when it comes to plugins Wordpress wins.

For me I personally use Blogger for my personal blogs "Somewhere to live forever", and I use Wordpress for my other blogs "Blogs I make money from" where I need more advanced techniques to attract audience.

PLR Articles and SEO

If you don't know about PLR articles this is your lucky day, PLR stands for Private Label Rightsarticles, it's a brand new way to add unique content to your website.
PLR articles are unique and not duplicated over the web.
PLR articles as cheap as $0.10 per article at lease 500 words long.
You can get free PLR Articles, if you are smart enough you will have no problem finding them, but it still piracy and stealing work after all.
PLR articles are available on every topic, not copied from wikipedia, high quality, and someone out there spent hours to write a great article.
It's better then hiring a writer that you don't know if he is writing uniquely or just doing “Copy & Past”.

Now you know about PLR articles, Search Google for PLR Articles and start your journey.

Use PLR Articles in your main blog, to be a great blogger you need to write content your self.

Use PLR links in your website or secondary blog.

Terms of service
Always check to see what rights are …

A Blogger, How To Be Real?

Most of bloggers don't care about what they are posting, it's a mistake that I did a lot of times before, the only way to be real is to post what your mind is saying without trying to hide anything, without being ashamed of anything, just be your self and post what you think is the true.

If all bloggers fake readers and so readers are just bloggers faking other readers, we are not going anywhere, and it's better that we all take down our blogs.

Found a bug on Google search or Firefox

When you search Google images for "Utada Sexy" Using FireFox all you get is a blank page, all other search results are fine.
The search result is in the farther right of the screen and you have to scroll to the right miles to find it, just follow the link in FireFox Utada Sexy.
Thats what we call a bug, even Google aren't perfect when it comes to bugs.
I was trying hard to find a support email to report this bug, finally I did.

not sure yet if this Bug in Google or Firefox but they both responsible of fixing it.

SEO Services In Libya

I am offering SEO Services, I will never work in your company, but I can grow your business internationally.

SEO "Search Engine Optimization" in Libya, Currently companies offering this in Libya if they exist are not Good enough with SEO, if they were, they would get listed before me in Google when you Search For "SEO Libya", "SEO Services In Libya".

SEO is basically making your web pages shows first or in a good position when people search Google, Yahoo, Ask and others for certain keywords.

It is strange that I didn't find any other SEO optimists in Libya but me, the reason for this post is to find SEO optimists or seo companies in Libya.

Are you a SEO optimist ????
Please leave a comment if so.

Hosting and Webdesign Companies In Libya

As you all know, I live in Libya, as a successful web developer my job makes it important for me to know where to find cheap and effective hosting plans, One thing you must all know, all hosting companies here are resellers, even if it's called "Owning dedicated servers".

There is a lot of hosting companies in Libya offering small peace of digital space like 15mb for 100$, thats bad, and I am not going to review any of them.
Offering small space for a high a price means one thing "Crap, retarded", wake up it's 2008 and we all know that domains cost 8$ and 500gb is worth 90$ in "Who needs Cpanel anyway".

The prices are still high compared to other countries but it's good for people who can't buy hosting online.
Domain Whois and physical location of servers "Multimedia Technologies Center" is right now the cheapest web hosting in Libya selling 1000mb of space for 75 LYD which is 63.92227 US Dollars.

How to make your own unattended Windows Xp CD

Your company have about 50 PC's, you don't feel like wanting to install applications on each one, one by one.

The solution is simple: a Free Software called nLite, just follow nLite tutorial.

However in places where piracy are allowed, people makes customized Windows CD's with Hotfixes and a collection of themes and cracked software calling it SP3 or something else that would attract the public.

It's a nice idea but I recommend customizing your own Windows, adding your favorite applications and keeping it for your self.

Run Linux Applications inside Windows "AndLinux"

Without using any Virtual Machine software you can get Linux Applications like Konsole, Kwrite and others "600mb" of tools and applications to run side by side inside windows like any other windows program, watch the video, or visit "AndLinux" if you want to download this for free, yes it's completely free.

The page isn't redirecting properly Blogger Domains Error

Many people transfer their blogger blog from "" to "" using Blogger domains, but sometimes they get a problem.

when they go to the blog will work perfectly, when they go to without WWW they get an error in Firefox saying "The page isn't redirecting properly", and getting some crappy error like host not found on internet explorer.

The solution is simple, you are hosting your domain in some other company like GoDaddy and NameCheap, just go to all host Records, change the redirection URL from to and disable the redirect to if it's in your blogger account, if you didn't understand leave a comment and I will be glade to help you.

So don't blame Google it's your mistake ^_~.

How to find the best keywords for SEO

If you want to find the best keywords to focus in your blog and bring more traffic you need no thinking, most of all you need a tool, there is many tools available out there and those is stat trackers, a stat tracker is a service "Tool" that provide you with full information of your daily visitors, the only thing that matters ti you here is where they came from, and TOP keywords they came to you by searching for them in Google.
Focus on the top 3 or 5 keywords, write more posts about them if you are a blogger, or add more pages if you have a regular website.
Don't forget to add those keywords to your Meta tags and page title, and make theme bold.
This will grow your traffic and extremely make you rich.
if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Google Vending Machine In Google Japan

The company name writing on it is Google Vending machine.
Via [Japan And Technology Blog].