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How to find the best keywords for SEO

If you want to find the best keywords to focus in your blog and bring more traffic you need no thinking, most of all you need a tool, there is many tools available out there and those is stat trackers, a stat tracker is a service "Tool" that provide you with full information of your daily visitors, the only thing that matters ti you here is where they came from, and TOP keywords they came to you by searching for them in Google.
Focus on the top 3 or 5 keywords, write more posts about them if you are a blogger, or add more pages if you have a regular website.
Don't forget to add those keywords to your Meta tags and page title, and make theme bold.
This will grow your traffic and extremely make you rich.
if you have any questions feel free to ask.


ZonaNet said…
Thanks man
today I found PR my blog 2/10 ^_^
I will back here and see what's new in SEO.
Wissam said…
You're welcome Zona, it's you found your page rank ^_^.
Richard Butler said…
I found it very helpful. IN every website, we can look at the keywords that people are normally searching, we can use that for SEO purposes.
Wissam said…
Thats correct Richard, SEO is so simple if we look at it this way, it's not complicated and needs only simple skills like editing HTML and writing good topics.

By the way your website have a SEO mistake Richard, try changing your TITLE tag from index to a good keyword, I am sure this will help you a lot.
~violet~ said…
hey there,thx for the,finally n officially armatute now.. ^_^....n desperately lookin for 3 column templates but i cant find one suits my taste n if I do also,i got dis error thing that the html is not closed..make me frustrated..can u help me??plzzzz... thx.
Paintworkz Web Design said…
thanks for this great post, it is defintly a good read for everyone.
Good work.

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