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PLR Articles and SEO

If you don't know about PLR articles this is your lucky day, PLR stands for Private Label Rights articles, it's a brand new way to add unique content to your website.
PLR articles are unique and not duplicated over the web.
PLR articles as cheap as $0.10 per article at lease 500 words long.
You can get free PLR Articles, if you are smart enough you will have no problem finding them, but it still piracy and stealing work after all.
PLR articles are available on every topic, not copied from wikipedia, high quality, and someone out there spent hours to write a great article.
It's better then hiring a writer that you don't know if he is writing uniquely or just doing “Copy & Past”.

Now you know about PLR articles, Search Google for PLR Articles and start your journey.

Use PLR Articles in your main blog, to be a great blogger you need to write content your self.

Use PLR links in your website or secondary blog.

Terms of service
Always check to see what rights are being given with the PLR products. Each provider will have different rules.
Some will only allow you to use them if you alter them, while others leave that decision up to you. You will need to see if you're allowed to:
- Post them on Article Directories.
- Use them as web content.
- Break them up into blog posts.
- Bundle them and sell or give them away as bonuses.

Just a tip, I am still knew to PLR articles my self, but I sow the success of it in various niches.


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