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Tue-Loup In Tripoli Libya

Tue-Loup played a very beautiful performance in Tripoli/Libya sponsored by the French institute in Tripoli, I am glade that I was there to watch this armature band that touches the heart with their beautiful songs and music.

Information about the band:
Text not translated well, sorry for any errors, after all "human is ERR".

Tue-Loup is a group of french country rock, resulting from the campaign sarthoise and trained in the mid 1990.

Xavier Plumas, singer and guitarist, is a passionate letters, which is reflected through its texts. The other group members are Thierry Plouze the guitar, Romain Allanot on drums and Stephane Gosnet on bass.
The latter left the band in 2001 after 3 albums and was replaced by Eric Doboka.
The simultaneous arrival of Christian Bidal of Asfeld (1962) on keyboards sign a turning point from the first notes of the album "Penya."

The career Tue Loup has embraced more than 10 years and several production houses, thus preserving their freedom and inde…

Laptop Battery Dies - Discharge - Finish fast

If your laptop battery dies fast you don't need to replaces on all cases, there is a chance that you can fix it.
Solution number one:
Leave your laptop on running on battery until it turns off "Turn of the power setting so your laptop wont hibernate or standby", the battery must fully discharge and becomes empty.

Take it out of your laptop and leave it for one day.

the next day put it back in your laptop and charge it until it's full then remove it from the power outlet and you will see that the battery life time extended.

Repeat the process as necessary to extend the battery life more and more.

However there is a limit for your battery wont be like the first time you got it, the longer you use it the more it becomes unusable.

Second solution:
If the first solution didn't work, replace your battery with a new one.

To prevent this to happen in the future, don't keep the laptop in the charger for a long time.
always remove it from the power outlet when the charge …

How To Run Windows Programs Inside Ubuntu

I will show you how to run windows applications inside Ubuntu without virtual machines and even without installing windows inside Ubuntu, Windows programs and games will run smoothly along side with your Ubuntu applications.

We will use an application called "Wine" and lets start with the installation:
Wine will only work with Ubuntu or Debian or Debian based distributions.

Make sure you are connected to the internet then open terminal and write:
For Ubuntu Hardy (8.04):
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
For Debian Etch (4.0):
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
Then update APT's package information by running 'sudo apt-get update'.
Then close terminal and start any windows application by using the terminal:
wine 'your exe file path here'

play windows games on Linux with maximum performance.
Here is a video:

Utorrent Error:The device is not ready

If you get the message "Error:The device is not ready" on Utorrent every time you try to download something ????

Then you have deleted your downloads folder, changed the drive letter where it is, or downloading a file to an external or network harddisk.


Clear all the lists and delete whats on them (Active downloads, Completed, Inactive list) all of them even current downloads, if you don't this wont fix anything, and then go to preference -> Directories and select a new folder for your downloads, then restart Utorrent.

If this didn't work, leave a comment and state your current problem, if it worked then leave a comment also and tell me.

Tamagotchi For Windows Download "Original"

Download Tamagotchi simulator for windows the original real version "Not Tested on vista if it works comment and tell me".
A screen shot:

Download Tamagotchi For Windows How to use:
Extract all with winrar or other program, install Tamagotchi then extract the Plugins also
and put them in :
C:\Program Files\Tamagotchi Simulator\Plugins

Then restart the Tamagotchi Simulator for windows and right click on it and click plugins to use them.

Perfect World Online Hacks "Jump Hack"

Perfect World Online Hacks (Part 1):
I found a hack that gives you "Unlimited Jumps", I will program some trainers or bots for Perfect World Online soon if I have time.

Download Perfect World Jump Hack

Perfect World Online

A very good MMORPG, On "Perfect World Online" you can fly, swim, do magic and customize you character as unique as possible.

Personally I sow videos on Youtube, downloaded the game and now I am waiting for the patches and updates to be downloaded from the server, it took long though.

And hey, you need a good PC specs if you want to experience "Perfect World" Perfectly.

The game client doesn't have protection but I don't think there is hacks for perfect world yet, if I find any Perfect World Hacks I will provide them here so you can all test the security of this game and help the gamemasters fix it.

Don't forget to download the english client, not the Chinese one, only if you understand Chinese Chinese ^_^.

Here is some screen shots:

Have a nice journey in your new world. I can't wait to play it ^_^.

Qassia Is Fake Not Scam

When I first Qassia I though they pay real money, but they only pay Qassia dollars which is only measurement purposes and cannot get converted into anything else.

If you read their terms of service "TOS" before clicking "I agree" you would find this:
Valuation MechanismThe Web site uses a valuation mechanism termed “Qassia dollars” (or expressed as “dollars” or the dollar sign ($) for purposes of convenience). Qassia dollars are not legal tender. Qassia dollars are a concept introduced solely for the sake of numerically measuring the extent of contribution of users of the Web site. [#1]Qassia dollars may not be “exchanged” for legal tender of any currency.The User must understand that Qassia dollars are not legal tender. The User must accept that the accumulation of Qassia dollars in his/her user account has no meaning except as [#2]a measure of the User’s activity at the Web site, and that any or all Qassia dollars in the user account may be removed by the Operator,…

Skydome Images For Beryl On Ubuntu

You may call it wallpapers or panoramas, we all know that when you use a picture as a Skydome for the 3d Desktop effects under Ubuntu it doesn't look fine specially in wide screen, so I decided to find some good ready to use PNG's for you:
Go to Skydome download section on one of the following resources:
A good skydome should look like this:

So it look realistic and 3d when applied.

as you all know it's pain to find Skydome wallpapers, you might want to make your own:
Make a skydome for beryl using Gimp

If you have a website you want to add to the list to help the community, feel free to leave a comment.

Firefox 3 Plugins

We all know that Firefox 3 will be released soon, and we all trying the Beta, but a lot of plugins wont work with firefox 3 and built for firefox 2, I found nothing when I searched Google for:
"Firefox 3 plugins".

What I like on Firefox 3 is it's improved Performance as said on Mozilla:Speed: improvements to our JavaScript engine as well as profile guided optimizations have resulted in continued improvements in performance. Compared to Firefox 2, web applications like Google Mail and Zoho Office run twice as fast in Firefox 3, and the popular SunSpider test from Apple shows improvements over previous releases.Memory usage: Several new technologies work together to reduce the amount of memory used by Firefox 3 over a web browsing session. Memory cycles are broken and collected by an automated cycle collector, a new memory allocator reduces fragmentation, hundre…

Ubuntu Linux 8.04

First of all, Ubuntu is an Operating system based on Linux, it's like windows, FreeBSD and other systems that can be installed on a "PC", I have been using a small version of linux called DSL "Damn small Linux" for over 2 years now, and I tried Mandriva for about 3 months, I found out that Ubuntu is the most attractive that you never want to shut it down.

What I like about Linux that it means freedom, it means humanity and using it makes you L33T.

I am trying the latest release of Ubuntu 8.04, I like the visual effects like Cubed Desktop and other l33ty stuff.

I had no problems installing it or running it, and I found out that Ubuntu is the easiest Linux ever, it even comes with synaptic package manager.

It's as small as 600MB, and don't need so much resources, it can also access your NTFS, FAT hard disks, USB Storage Devices and partitions so you will be able to view, edit, save and transfer your Microsoft Windows files along side with files in your Ubunt…

Web 2.0 Design Tutorials

If you still using classic techniques to design websites, your are old, the web now is wearing a new suit called Web Two Point Oh "Web2.0".
New rules came in, new techniques, dynamic in page updating elements "Ajax, XML, RSS".
I found some great resources to show you as a "Professional web designer" how to start designing Web2.0 websites.

The Look:
The Web 2.0 Design Kit g More Rounded Corners with CSS. His inline dialogue boxes are
Alistapartgradiant tutorialweb 2.0 color palette
Zoom Layouts
The Big Font Conspiracy
building your own web 2.0 layoutThe Logos of Web 2.0.For inspiration you might check out: InspirationKing, cssimport, or cssbeauty.The Core:
Ajax Tutorials
Web 2.0 Tools
Web 2.0 Apllications

Or Just search using Google for "Web 2.0".

A video for your reference: