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Free Flash Album Maker

Today I want to review Porta a free professional web flash album generator, You must see a live demo to believe:
Online Photo Album Demo

Download Porta [v0.99, 600 KB] (Windows 2000/XP version packaged by NSIS).


Perfect World Online Bot

AggroBotv0.22By Zevorc
Download Here

Added a pixel based autotarget bot.
Change F9 to toggle start stop.
Added emergency stop {End}
Fixed an auto buffing bug in v0.21
Fixed settings to show accordingly to Config.ini in v0.22
Feature AT:
1)Set ur own scan area wif a cool red box indictor(Got the idea from a guy in autoit forum)
2)set ur own shade variation
3)Set ur own step(To Skip pixels)
4)Set own colour
5)Set own offset to click

1)Edit AT settings(Click set scan area,use hotkeys 9 to set top left corner and 0 to set btm right corner.Experiment wif it to see wat it means)
2)Save Setting
3)Enable AT(Note:When Enabled,bot is not running)(HotKey F10)
4)Start Bot(Hotkey F9)
F11 toggle visible scan area
Note: Disable character name and enable monster name.
Its not perfect,can be very buggy.It can be hard to use so juz ask any questions.
pixel bot may nt be good but in games like 2moons pixel bots are good(even edit models of monsters for easy pixel searching)

Best u…

Making Money By Telling People How To Make Money?

I think that the "Make Money By Telling People How To Make Money By Telling People How To Make Money ......" is an old method and it's not working anymore, most of those blogs are full of crap and mostly selling E-books, I want to remind you that Ebooks contains information that you can find in blogs or forums, Book writers are humans and the only thing they do is telling you where to start, but they destroy your life in the same time, they show you the way that they think it's suitable for them, but they don't know you abilities and what's suitable for you, find your own path, learn on your own, and beat them all.

There is millions of niches around the web and each niche have millions of techniques on how to make money from it.

Also focus in real life if you are a "free lancer", don't rely on the web you don't know when your AdSense account get banned, you don't know if your website will last forever.

Save your money, you might need it.