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Happy 10th birday Google

Google is celebrating the project 10th birthday today, happy birthday Google, hope you get your new server rack as you wished, you have been always granting our wishes.
Pay us more we feel happy more "jock".
May the force be with you

Can't Find on Google

When a user can't find something on Google specially if that thing is rare but common among people, you must jump and blog about it, start a niche about it and start making money from the buzz, exactly the same thing happened to me when I bought a Chinese phone, but can't find the drivers in the internet, I just uploaded the drivers and Bingo! an extra 500 person per day started to come here.

and so for the other search engines if you are making any traffic from them.

so the next time you can't find something on Google and you know that people will be trying to find it just like you are doing, remember my advice, because that will be your very own speciality, niche and business even if it's as simple as one keyword.

Google Android An Open Platform For Mobile Phones

Google Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. This beta version of the Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.
So get ready to a fresh new open source life in mobile phones world, I don't want to learn Java so I am not going to develop anything for Android, thu I will be very glad to try it out on my pocket PC, do you think I can make it work??.

Windows Was Unable To Find A Certificate To Log You On To The Network NETWORK-NAME

If you keep getting this error message while connecting to your wireless network :"Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network NETWORK-NAME", there is one cause for your problem specially if your router keeps cutting down your internet until you reset, it's setting the encryption to WPA-RADIUS
instead of WPA-PSK on the client. The router and the client are both trying to find a RADIUS server with which to authenticate.
Since you don't have one, it complains using Microsoft technobabble.
Change the encryption to WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) on both ends.

If you can't fix this feel free to leave a comment and ask, please comment and tell me.

DigitalPoint Owner Shawn Hogan gets sued by Ebay

I just came across the news that Ebay has sued Shawn Hogan, the owner of DigitalPoint Forums over Cookie Stuffing. Ebay sued Shawn Hogan and Digital Point Solutions, Todd Dunning and Kessler’s Flying Circus, and Brian Dunning and Thunderwood Holdings.According to the complaint by EbayThe men devised software programs that, “unbeknownst to the [computer] user, redirected the user’s computer to the eBay Web site without the user actually clicking on an eBay advertisement link, or even becoming aware that they had left the page they were previously viewing. As a result, the eBay site would be prompted to drop an eBay cookie on the user’s computer even though the user never clicked on an eBay advertisement or even realized that their computer had ever visited the eBay site.”
Via [mmp]
The complaint continues: “once the cookie was stuffed on the user’s computer by one or more of the defendant’s any future revenue actions initiated by that user when the user later visited eBay intentionally, …

Google Chrome A Web Broweser By Google

Google Chrome is a new minimal in design browser making it fast and easy to use, and I love how it organize bookmarks in the start page.
it is so perfect in rendering pages, it looks great.

why I can't leave Firefox and change to it yet?
well, I think that chrome is still very young that we start using it as a default browser, it's something new to brag with but I will really miss my Firefox plugins.

I will keep you informed of this brand new browser's development.

Here a screenshot of me surfing with chrome: