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Service.lck Frontpage on Vista Problem

Lot of people are having trouble using Frontpage in Windows Vista like "Server Error: The Server extensions were unable to access the file PATH\_vti_pvt\service.lck", the solution is simple since the problem is just that Vista is not giving permission to Forntpage to edit your old websites files after an upgrade or files from another hardik or partition.

all you have to do is to Uncheck the read only box in the website folder properties.

If this didn't work click on Security >> Your Username >> Give full permission .

That's it, enjoy editing your websites using Frontpage in Windows Vista.
If you have any problems feel free to leave a comment, also a thank you comment will be appreciated.


Bintang Disurga said…
Nice Article

Thanks you
Thank you! I have the same problem, i'll try to fix it.
Olaf Neuigkeit said…
Even with all the new updates . . . I am still not a fan of Vista. I give thanks every day that I also own a mac . . . sorry, don't mean to sound like a fanboy.
mobile said…
Thank you! Very helpful tips.

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