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Downup Confiker Removal Tool

1st if April is the day Confiker will hit most of our computers around the world, the only solution until now is by:
Microsoft : Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
Kaspersky : KidoKiller
F-Secure : F-downadup (alternate link)
BitDefender : Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen Remover
Spywarevoid : W32.downadup.c removal tool
Symantec : W32.Downadup Remover
ESET : Conficker Remover
Sophos : Conficker Cleanup ToolDownload the removal tool, run it and kiss Confiker goodbye.

Update: Use OpenDNS to block Confiker "Downup"

Make Windows fonts look as smooth as Mac OS X fonts

Mac OS Fonts engine "GDI++" is better a lot then Windows XP or Vista fonts engine "Clear Type", it's bolder, and eye friendly.

A new third party Japanese tool will make your life easier and enhance your windows experience, please follow the steps below to successfully make use of it:
1- Download the GDI++ for windows installer.
2- Run installer.
3- Go to your start menu and click on GDI++ Wissam Idrissi
A small G icon will show in the system tray near your windows time clock, right click on it and click "Enable", you can try different preferences but I recommend using the default.

Set back, relax and Enjoy.