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Sleeping Experince - Trying Polyphasics sleep

Dear readers I didn't post any articles for a long time, my life isn't better then my blog eather, I decided that I will fix everything right after finish writing this, I know now that sleeping can change your life from bad to worst.
what I have experienced is common sleep problems that probably most of you have, I stay late at night and I end up sleeping in the morning skipping work, and so then skipping life.
Whenever I go to bed I think of how many hours will go to waste if I sleep, so I just keep surfing and reading useless stuff that I instantly forget when I wake up.
now who cares about me, but care if you have the same problem what would you do ??
Polyphasics sleep, I will try my luck on this too, the next post will be blogging mistakes, like now.
Uberman sleep schedule
becoming an early riser
Read more about polyphasic sleep at Wikipedia.