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Virus Effect CleanUp Tool

Most of people I know have infected computers, and they live with it and keep spreading computer viruses by hand to hand portable storage trading, now I don't know what you've done about it but most will just install an anti-virus, the 35 Dinars kaspersky thing, install it and delete the viruses, but there is stuff behind the scene, a virus normally protects it's self by running simple codes that will disable:

Windows Registry
Command Line Tool
Windows Task Manager
System Restore Config
Folder Options
Run command

When you delete a virus and clean your system they wont be enabled and it's pain to enable them manually and sometimes it doesn't work.
simply download this little tool and run it after the removal of the viruses and it will turn your system privilege setting, and configuration as good as new.

This will:
Restore Windows Registry
Restore The Command Line Tool
Restore Windows Task Manager
Restore System Restore Config
Restore Folder Options and show hidden files

Run comma…