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Ubunchu! Japanese Ubuntu Manga In English

I just found this by accident on Android market as a readable comic on the device, I think Hiroshi Seo is so creative this this manga is a peace of geeky art that will last and bring more Ubuntu fans to the community, just another reason for me to admire the Japanese, the manga is originally japanese but it's now translated into English and have 2 versions for each chapter "Right to left like the Japanese one" and the regular left to right style.

Ubunchu!” is a Japanese manga series featuring Ubuntu Linux. Three school students in a system-admin club are getting into Ubuntu!

English version download page , The official website, Official original Japanese site

Social Bookmarking for Blogger "Blogspot" edition

Adding social bookmarking buttons like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and others isn't as hard as some people think, it's as simple as a copy and past, why code it all over again while it's already coded for you "Nobody is going re-invent anything" tho you can customize it with your own icons.
It should be added to blogger features by default anyway, why do we have to do everything.

Text Links:

<br /> <!-- Start of social bookmarks --><br /> <b><i>Share this:</i><br /> |<a expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&title=" + data:post.title' target='_blank'>Digg It</a> |<br /> <a expr:href='"" + data:post.url' target='_blank'>Add to Technorati</a> |<br /> <a expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&title="…

Protect your phone screen using food plastic wrap

We use gadgets everyday and we carry them everywhere and in the pocket, when you walk and move all day long with that shiny iPhone or whatever and specially if you put your keys and other stuff in the same pocket don't expect it to stay scratch free as the advertisements says, so you would just go buy that invisible screen shield with anti glare and anti dust bla bla bla, you really don't need that.

Here is a simple phone screen protector DIY trick I use to protect all my gadgets and phones screens specially touch screens.
You need:

thin plastic wrap (the one you use to wrap food).Razors.A soft cloth.Your Gadget or phone.

To use food plastic wrap as a screen protector takes extreme caution as it involve cutting the plastic wrapper while it's stretched on your gadget.

First you have to cut the plastic wrap just a little bigger then your whole gadget.Stretch it on top of your phone's screen and with a soft cloth stick it to the screen and move out any air bulbs.Now careful…

Android HERO 2.1 ROM For HTC Hero with Sense interface

Finally it's here only for HTC hero, please make sure to backup your phone before your install it, this is a HERO21 Community release v1.8 and not official.
HERO 2.1[ Download & Instruction]

Free Social Network PHP Scripts

If you think making a website like Facebook, MySpace and other social giants is hard you are wrong, they all started small and with the help of other open source platforms, if you know how to setup a php script and play with codes with some photoshop skills you can start your own small social network, and there is a lot of free open source social networking scripts written in php, but if you are planing to grow it big you need more then these, you need money + teamwork and dedicated servers.
Anyway here is a list of some of the best free scripts out there:

Wordpress Mu
My favorite but it's for blog communities, add buddypress plugin and themes to it and it becomes a nice place for friends to meet and blog.

Cool easy to setup but have little support, themes and plugins if you have some php skills this core will be enough for you to start off.

Easy to use powerful script but I personal don't like it's navigation between pages.

Is the best in all free social n…

Use your Windows 7 laptop as a Wi-Fi Hotspot "Access point" for other devices

And when I say use your laptop I don't mean Ad-hoc connections, your laptop or wireless card will actually act like an access point that's WPA encrypted and visible to all devices.

Windows 7 comes with a virtual ap technology that allow the wireless card to act as 2 in the same time, now you can make use of it by simply downloading and running a program called "Connectify" so no need to hacks playing around command prompt.\

Now I can connect my HTC Hero android phone to my laptop and get internet.

Download [Connectify]

How to connect an android phone to your ad-hoc wi-fi network

Cannot see ad-hoc wifi "Wireless" on android phone, do not worry.
EDIT: You can connect android phone without rooting your device using a program called Connectify that turns you PC or laptop into an access point that phones can see, but this program only works on Windows 7 not XP not Vista.
Read more about connecting your Android phone to a laptop or pc using Connectify.

I got my HTC Hero with android today and I am aboard, when I tried to connect it to the internet using an AD-HOC wireless network it didn't see it, but a program called Wifi analyzer can see the adhoc network "A Program I installed from android market", if you don't have windows 7 the only solution so far is rooting your device then:

First: I have yet to be able to connect to the ad-hoc network with WPA1&2-security. But I am pretty sure it should work, we just need to work out the correct configurations in the system files. Right now I am connected with WEP-security. That will keep the ne…