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Synaptics Multi Touch Driver For HP Laptops

This driver should enable multi-touch on touch pad of any HP laptop old or new models.

How to:
Unistall your old synaptics touch pad driver from control panel
Download the driver for Windows xp or Windows Vista/7.
Install, restart and go to config and learn how to use it, this driver comes with video preview for every trick you can do, zooming, scrolling and more.

This synaptics driver enables multitouch gestures on older trackpads so it have nothing to do with hardware, every HP laptop is officially ready for multi touch.

All thanks to:
Hardware Zone

HTC Sense UI Best Alternatives

TC Sense UI alternatives are more then you can imagine "android home replacements" in fact Sense UI it self is a home replacement made by HTC, the plain HOME is the original by android, SenseUI is the best so far, but there is more, we call them shells lets say HomeScreen shells, the best out there so far are:

Easiest way to Root an android phone - InstantRoot.APK

It have been never easier to root an android device, no need to lose your time learning methods and flashing custom roms, download, install this app and you will be root, if you want to revert back, download Terminal emulator and delete the app and remove modifications it did.
You might want to root your device just to run apps that require root, or you might want a custom rom. Yes it's so simple.

1) Download the InstantRoot APK from here 2) Install InstantRoot.APK
3) Load a recovery img.
4) Load whatever ROM you want
5) Enjoy

Read more if you don't know what you doing:

Support Thread at AndroidCommunity

How to UN-ROOT your device "Only if you used InstantRoot.APK":
You can undo the changes made by this app by installing and opening a terminal emulator (there are several on the market) and typing the following:


mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

rm /system/bi…

Twitter bug - {"messageForFlash":"A confirmation email has been sent to you."}

A twitter exploit may be, but it's a bug for sure when you click on resend confirmation email, you are take to a page that have only:
 {"messageForFlash":"A confirmation email has been sent to you."}
which indicates that the you can pass a variable to the page "messageForFlash" with anything you want it to print like some malicious code or a different message like "I can put my text on Twitter".
but this diffently an exploit that cannot hurt twitter it self.

SSL or not is Facebook Safe From Hackers?

All over the world people access Facebook directly by typing or which is insecure and can be sniffed by hackers on your network, your co-workers, your boss, your ISP and virtually anyone that you didn't meet before.
so how do I secure my self?
The S, yes it's all about the S it means secured, simply add the S to the http:// so it becomeshttps:// by doing this facebook will exchange a key with your machine that only you and Facebook have and it's unique for every session, the key will be used to encrypt all data transfered between you and facebook which we web developers call SSL or Secure Socket Layer.
Next time remember:
httpS://  I mean what Mark Zuckerberg is thinking, SSL should be enabled by default and forced like in Gmail, why do we have to force SSL on facebook our selves.

Download Android APK files directly with an easy Google search hack

Yep I don't know how I didn't think if this, I use Google always to find whatever files like videos and mp3's and I tried to find Android APK files and it worked very well.
To find and download APK files easly "Android Package" which most applications comes packed in just type this in Google or simply click it right now "-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:asp intitle:"index of" +(apk)".
This is simply searching directories holding files with APK extension which website owners didn't care to protect using an index.html file or .htaccess anti directory listing.

Enjoy downloading, if you find it hard to memorize just type "Download android APK google hack" on Google, access this page and click the link.

You will find stuff that ain't on the market because of your region or network.


How to change imei on an adroid phone

Changing any android phones IMEI is not impossible but it's illegal since those codes is important to track you, and they work also like as an address so no 2 phones are the same, and if so they will stop functioning both as a conflict happn, a lot of people have been asking me on how to change the IMEI code of an G1 or G2 aka HTC hero but the simple answer is that all attemps of changing IMEI failed and caused bricking lot of android phones, it seems like the IMEI is hardware more then a software as loading a custom rom doesn't effect the IMEI "(International Mobile Equipment Identity)" altho some people reported that a costume rom did add 2 extra digits at the end of their IMEI when they type "*#06#".

There might be some IMEI spoofer for android that works on the software layer to deliver the wrong information but a search in Google returned this "ANDROID IMEI SPOOFER".

If you are trying to change your IMEI to repair/fix it when got damaged by a…

Invalid token (hack attempt) or timeout. Go back, refresh that page, and try again.

Pligg is a nice social/share/publish php application, it's simply what you want to name it, it can be a digg alternative or whatever, and it's free.
but much trouble coming out like this message when you try to add or edit categories, groups and other sections of the admin panel: "Invalid token (hack attempt) or timeout. Go back, refresh that page, and try again.",  but it really depends on your host, pligg will work perfectly at most web hosts if you encounter this message you can re upload the admin folder and it will be fixed if not you can change host or wait for a fix.

applied to Pligg 1.0.3b

Recover deleted sticky notes on Windows 7

If you deleted a sticky note from you Windows 7 by accidnt or simply want to extract it from a dead windows or Windows.old folder simply go to:
RUN and past the following:
%AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt
Check "Select a program from of a list of installed programs"
Select notepad and open.
You will be able now to find it and read the content.
if you are recovering it from another computer/hardisk or windows.old folder simply just place the drive letter or folder of  windows.old.
another more simple method is to show hidden files from tools then browse manually to:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes
Replace user name with your name, and if recovering from another hardisk "External old disk" change the C: to the drive letter of that harddisk

C:\Windows.old\Users\wissam\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes
in case of recovery after upgrade or re-installing windows 7 over another or the same windows.

You can even use hirenboot

Android market - How to unlock and enable paid and featured apps

Or simply how to show all apps on the android market, lot of people who don't live in USA, UK and regions supported by Google can't see Google apps like Google earth, and voice recognition "Voice recognizer not present", and they can't also see paid apps or buy them.
the android market is crap without those apps, and don't forget that Google also allow only some SIM operators and not all operators.

There is only one solution and it is to fake you region, operator  and network and it only works on rooted devices, the application is by installing and application called Android Market Enabler.

This application apply to the following devices:

Acer A1Dell Ophone mini3iGeek Phone OneHaier H7HighScreen PP5420HTC Click – FiestaHTC Dream – G1HTC Hero – G2 TouchHTC LancasterHTC Magic – Sapphire – myTouch 3G – IonHuawei U8230Innocomm SkateKogan AgoraLenovo O1 OphoneLG GW620 EveMotorola HeronMotorola Morrison – CliqMotorola Sholes – Calgary

Android 3d games

Since G1 or way we've called Google phone every one was wondering if it will get 3d games someday, at the moment lot of phones running Android 1.5 or up until 2.1 like motorola droid, HTC hero, HTC magic and lot of others have the needed hardwalre to run 3d games but no good 3d games out, the answer is the lack of developers and I mean big professional companies like the ones who developed for the iPhone and the internal space of Android devices, I mean we need a solution to be able to install apps on SD, my 150mb on HTC hero can't hold a one 3d game of the iPhone.
Hopefully Android 2.1 will do something about it without rooting your device and loading custom roms.
Wrote this from my HTC hero.

"windows.old" access denied Fix How to gain access to your old files

Today I will teach you how to solve the access denied error you get when you access "Windows.old" folder on your drive, usually this folder is created after installing windows over windows or after upgrading, it contains your old documents, desktop and programs.

This fix apply to:
Windows xp (32bit-64bit)
Windows Vista (32bit-64bit)
Windows 7 (32bit-64bit)

If you tried it in another version like win 89 or else let me know even I know it won’t apply as permittions  was too weak those days.

Ok lets get started, first go to any windows explorer windows "I don't mean internet explorer but any window with files view", click on tools at the to if it's not shown like on windows 7 just press ALT and it will appear.
Click the "folder options" tab and then scroll down until you find "Use sharing wizard" or in xp and vista you will find Advanced > Use simple sharing and uncheck that and click Apply > OK.

Now go to your C: and where ever Windows…