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How to change imei on an adroid phone

Changing any android phones IMEI is not impossible but it's illegal since those codes is important to track you, and they work also like as an address so no 2 phones are the same, and if so they will stop functioning both as a conflict happn, a lot of people have been asking me on how to change the IMEI code of an G1 or G2 aka HTC hero but the simple answer is that all attemps of changing IMEI failed and caused bricking lot of android phones, it seems like the IMEI is hardware more then a software as loading a custom rom doesn't effect the IMEI "(International Mobile Equipment Identity)" altho some people reported that a costume rom did add 2 extra digits at the end of their IMEI when they type "*#06#".

There might be some IMEI spoofer for android that works on the software layer to deliver the wrong information but a search in Google returned this "ANDROID IMEI SPOOFER".

If you are trying to change your IMEI to repair/fix it when got damaged by a custom rom you can keep digging, otherwise you need to stop because this act is illegal in most countries.


Philippe Cheret said…
Thanks William for this information..
I am in Turkey and trying to change my Hero's imei and the hackers here cannot do it, and your post now confirms to me that it's "too" hard for a simple hacker..
I guess there is a way but unless looking for the answer by writing in chinese, it seems very hard to find :D

Thanks for this news..

Cheers ;)

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