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Showing posts from April, 2010

Lunching new social network

Blognin is a new social network like Facebook, Tagged, MySpace and others, it aims for direct contact and freedom to search people based on location, email, interest or name, the network also have chat rooms and the ability to create your own room and invite people, and for the name Blognin "Blogging in" it have also blogs so you can create, read and comment on blogs.
More features are coming every week so be the first to register and don't forget to invite your friends.

Google Down Today?

Was Google really down, I did experience some lag and "Try again" messages on Gmail "Google Mail" but everything was going smooth on other Google services, lot of people is posting on Twitter and other social applications that Google was down today, and as you can see here [Google Down] you will see a massive spike around 3pm - 3:30pm US time today.

Google Earth for android APK for manual installation

Lot of people have trouble installing Google earth on Android 2.1 because it doesn't show in the market or downloaded from the website.the fix is simple, download and install manually by running it from SDCARD or using HTC Sync if you get trouble. download it from here: anyone who want to mirror the file is welcome.