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Auto Shut Down Windows 7

You can automatically shut down your windows 7 machine using this simple trick "How To Automatically Shut Down Your Windows 7 Computer" on The Spinning Donut site, also there is easier ways like this tiny program here:

Google Apps Engine Tutorials Appspot

Google doesn't only host files and blogs for the web techies, Google hosts whole big web applications along side database and can handle up to 5 million visitors per month absolutely free, plus getting premium is really cheap compared to the amount of money a person can make from that traffic.
one thing most find hard is what and how to develope applications in the Google apps engine environment, well I mean I know it's all phyton, javascript, html and a database but how that works in Google apps engine and were to start.

Here is a list full of useful resources:
- First is the official Google documentation for developers
- O'Reilly media - getting started with Google apps engine
- Carsonified guide
- Some Videos…

Flash Games For Android - Online

Mochigames launched a version of thier site for smartphones with flash player on their browser including Android phones and some windows mobile phones, so bad apple wont have that specially after taking off adobe flash player from their future portable products.
Simply go to on your phone and enjoy.

Top Free MMORPG's list for 2010

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG based on the classic D&D tabletop role playing game. Originally released as a subscription based game, Dungeons & Dragons Online is now free-to-play! Chose your class, race, skills, and feats then head off into the legendary city of Stormreach where adventure awaits!

Publisher: Turbine
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Duels / Arenas
Filesize: 2.8 GB standard, 3.8 GB high res.

Pros: +Detailed character creation process. +More or less faithful to the D&D 3.5 ruleset. +Fast paced gameplay. +Dungeons can be run solo or with parties.

Cons: -Some races, classes, & areas require payments to access. -Difficult character progression, especially for those unfamiliar with D&D.

Dragon Oath is a 3D isometric martial arts themed MMORPG set in the Song dynasty of ancient China.  It features nine classes inspired by the various ancient disciplines of kung-fu, daily event…

Belford Univirsity Scam

Blogger Error- Conflicting edits

There was more than one attempt to edit this resource at the same time. This may have been because you double clicked on a link or a button or because someone else is also editing this blog or post.

How to fix:
This is well never fix in case you are trying to create a new blog, you better try with another account or try later.

Google I'm Human

Aside: In case you came here for the "Google I am human" Captcha thing you must know:
May be you should stop using VPN or proxies, if not then you are on a shared IP or a network where people use Google search a lot, when you send lot of requests in the same time in seconds interval it means you are a BOT a program that collects data from Google to do stuff usually evil.
I use captcha my self.

Original post:
For some reason I showed in Google as a second result when someone searched for "Google I am human" even may main page didn't include the world, (well, now it does), It could be because of the history of this blog when it was called "I am Human-01" but that was 3 years ago and I don't have the words on here anymore, did Google remember it all this time long?, I mean does they keep an archive of pages and wont delete it for whole 3 years.
the only one who does this is, and now Google in my opinion.

How to run android on iPhone

Finally, it's possible to run Android the best mobile operating system on iPhone the best hardware ever, this is a tutorial on how to install android on iPhone 2g.
I don't know if it's possible to run Android on iPhone 3g yet.

This is a detailed version of the process described at htt://androidalot on how to get Android OS running on an Apple iPhone 2G


Arabic language for Android phones "Fully Working" اللغة العربية أندرويد

Finally Arabic language support for Android phones: G1 Dream, G2 Hero, Nexus one and I think it wont have any problems on others too, one thing for sure is that you need a rooted device and a custom rom.
It doesn't work with all custom roms but you can try and let us know.
If you need a full rom ready to go download the one based on Cyanogen "The big file".

Flashing Update FilesFlashing instructions for arabicupdate.zipIntroductionFlashing file for Nexus one (and other android devices that are Rooted and have a modified recovery ROM)DetailsThe device being modified needs to be Rooted and has a modified Recovery Image installed. See here: begin updating, simply copy the update zip file to your sd-card. Then you will need to boot into recovery mode where you will be able to select the file to apply as an update.After that, reboot your phone to successfully get Arabic shaping in all programs.

Android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly SOLVED

If you get this error there is a lot of solutions for it depends on what app causing the error, for me this solved my problem:

1. turn off syncing
2. Make a backup of contacts in gmail - ex. export data in csv or vcf
3. then click "manage applications" & "contacts storage" then tap on "clear cache" and "clear data" ATTENTION ! ALL CONTACTS DATA ON PHONE WILL BE LOST !
4. turn on sync again.

I hope this works for you too, you can always check here for more information.