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Free i-Dose i-Doser Application MP3

I-dose is digital drugs that alter the brain waves and give different feelings, don't worry this is just how they promote it, iDose is only white noise mixed with natural sounds and sometimes music or beats to make you feel comfortable and give you peace of mind, they experiment it according to brain reaction and it actually works by broadcasting beta, delta, alpha brain waves in sound form.
Anyway they sell I-Doser doses online, but good news you can download I-Doser for free from Cnet
Download i-Doser Free
just remember I gave you nothing, I am no drug dealer ;)

Web Design and Hosting In Libya

I am glad to announce my own web design studio located in Tripoli / Libya but of course we accept international jobs also, we offer web design, SEO, Marketing, Advertising and maintaining existing websites, me and my small team of 5 talented professionals.
Digital Umbrella Web Design in Libya
we also offer .LY domains at affordable prices worldwide, credit card, wire transfer, western union, paypal are accepted.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

Trend HunterReport trends that you find –100%New!
WebTalk Forums – WTF webmaster forum – 70%
Whooked Forum- Webmaster, SEO, etc – 80%
Squidoo- An excellent social media site – Shares revenue based upon various criteria *very good source of revenue!
Qassia – Articles Submission and social media – 100% New!
Xomba- Make posts, share links with other Xomba users – 50%
Howcast- Video sharing – 50%
Rever – Video sharing – 50%

Some of the above websites pay using PayPal and no longer share AdSense share like Squidoo.
if you know any other sites, spam them on the comments :)

Enable Live Wallpaper on HTC Hero 2.1

Stock HTC Hero 2.1 update don't come with livewallpaper.apk installed because the company said that the processor is so weak for it, but anyway it does work, not so fast but it work nicely so here is the files you need to download and install:

"" "" clone PHP script

Michal sent me an email asking me where he can find a PHP script similar to "" or "Our Class", the website is generally a social network for students where they upload their school photos and meet friends in Polish language.
Well, there is alternative and some of them are available in Polish, English, French, but you have to do some small modification to change the idea of the website so it fit students.
To make your own Naska Klasa website I recommend you read the article I wrote here:
Free Social Network PHP scripts

HTC Hero Android 2.1 official update downlod

Finally it's here, android 2.1 for HTC hero "G2" rooted and ready to flash.

this is the stock gsm htc hero 2.1 update, as it comes out of the RUU updater.flash through amon ra recovery and you get the exact same rom as you would get from the RUU.
download stock
 a version that is rooted, includes busybox and automatic apps2sd, and is png optimized:
download rooted
same as before (root/busybox/apps2sd/optipng), but deodexed (thx ninpo for the help):
download rooted deodexed

Via [VillainRom]

Did you make money online from FIFA world cup 2010 this summer?

Well I didn't miss the chance of SEO and AdSense mixture to gain lot of revenue, the competition was though as so many webmasters and bloggers have been doing the best but I got the most of it all.
it's simple, people are usually watching the match and wont set on a computer to browse your website, my trick was to provide free internet TV streaming the match online so all the lazy geeks who don't want to stay away from their machines, busy people in companies or people who cannot afford to pay for the cable TV or satellite subscription was my guests all the way until now, and thanks to them I made lot of hits usually 700 visitor watching in the same time and a lot of money from advertisements.
it's not too late if you want to do this too, there still be next match on Saturday.
and here is my page where you can watch Fifa world cup 2010 online.
Have fun.

Android Virus protection or Anti Virus is it important?

Is it important to install and how to install an anti virus program in Google Android phone?, well in fact you do not need an anti virus in an android phone which is Linux based, but sometimes Anti Virus programs acts like firewall, avoid installing danger apps, locate your lost android phone and much more.

What is Google Wireless Transcoder GWT

John Emailed me asking about what is Google Wireless Transcoder he gets it a lot on his statistics as an agent, well  I'm glad you asked.
Google has recently created a new service called GWT (Google WirelessTranscoder), which is not yet officially announced and still in "beta"stage, but it works well and it is extremely useful to navigate the numerouswebsites that are not optimized for Mobile use.To try it, point your mobile device to:'s simply a service that strips Java script and lot of other elements that it believes your device wont show or incompatible with or in other words makes the page a valid classic XHTML that any browser no matter mobile or not can show, and of course it makes things faster by stripping advertisements like AdSense and others.

AdSense Micro Niche Websites

Building micro niche websites is simple, only the term is new it basically means making a lot of 1-10 page websites or blogs in different niches "Topics" with unique helpful content that's not duplicated in Google and of course doing some SEO like submitting to directories or spamming it in comments "For Black Hats, perfectly illegal so avoid it", and of course monitoring their stats using a simple counter or Google analytics.
you make money from random micro niche websites using AdSense by perfectly placing your ads on your static website inside articles, above posts and in sidebars above menu. you can also make money from a Micro Niche site using affiliate links, Amazon, clickbank or simply offering coupons. A small micro niche might get large amount of visitors and then it's time to move and grow it up and add more content for that particular website. You can never guarantee success in micro niche technique, for me building few blogs but growing them la…

Spam Comments Lowers Traffic and Decreases on site SEO

Most bloggers specially on Blogspot don't care about spam comments and they leave them on posts if they like them, spam comments usually with people named after their product or page will sooner or later get black listed and so the pages linking to them will get affected and go down on search engines specially Google because they care too much about spam.
so the tip to avoid this is to always delete comments you suspect as spam, if you are on wordpress use Akismet and ReCaptcha.
if you are in Blogger enable captcha or replace comments system with intensedebate.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online FINAL Netherlands vs. Spain

NEW  WATCH FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 LIVE NOWand for free this is not a joke, the audio is not clean and not English but better then nothing anyway.

Uruguay vs. Netherlands - 6 Jul 2:30pm (ET)
Germany vs. Spain - 7 Jul 2:30pm (ET)

Google SSL Search Beta

I discovered by chance today that Google search have an encrypted SSL version "Google ssl beta", ssl search will allow you to use Google without anyone like government or ISP or hackers see what are you looking for, the only one who would know what you looking for is Google, and their privacy said that they will never share the list.
So I guess people in China now will enjoy Google like the whole world.
to use Google SSL encrypted search all you have to do is to add an "S" after http so it will be https://
or go directly