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How to Get IP on Omegle and Chatroulette

Who told you that when you chat with someone on Omegle or Chatroulette and hide your face you will be anonymous ? well think again, I developed my own Chatroulette website and the first problem I had is the heavy load of video/audio streaming, so I had to a P2P solution which connect the users directly to each other and start streaming video/audio.
appearntly Omegle and chatroulette are using the same method so anyone who can see you on cam can also get your IP.
the simple example of a map generated using these data automatically is
what can anybody do with your IP address ?
by using web proxy you are still not fully anonymous the only secured way is VPN.
Have fun but stay secured, enjoy

Sync your music to iPhone without iTunes

iTunes is beautiful and clean, but sometimes it just don't work or just ruin things by deleting your songs and apps randomly just because you synced with a different computer, I came a cross a tiny 2MB that you can download "Sharepod" application for windows  that simply just transfer your music from and into iPhone or iPod without the hassle and the pain (you can also back up and restore anything).

Buy Sell used items online - ebay alternative


Ubid is an online auction site that has managed to gain quite a bit of popularity – some of our members say they actually make more on Ubid than eBay! While it doesn’t get anywhere near the traffic eBay gets, it can still yield quite a few sales. The site promotes itself heavily on TV and the internet which plays a big role in getting the traffic required for sales. Ubid’s most attractive feature is the lack of listing fees – you don’t pay anything until you make a sale. On the downside, all buyers’ payments go through Ubid and it can take up to 15 days before they pay you. For new sellers in particular, this can cause some serious cash flow problems.


Amazon gets good traffic but the main advantage is a much higher profit margin. Amazon shoppers tend to pay a lot more for their items than eBayers. On the other hand, there are reports that Amazon’s returns policy can be ruthless. If a buyer complains – even if they have no proof of t…

Ougfiles no upload limit - no waiting

I just found a nice file hosting site that allow you to upload any file, no limit, no waiting click and you wont even see the site, it downloads automatically.
how they make money out of this free service I don't know, enjoy it for now before it becomes paid service like all the sites do.

Website like Milw0rm alternative

Milw0m was a nice place to learn about new security exploits specially for web application, it caused a lot of people to get hacked by script kiddies but that's the point to stay secured.
Milw0rm was managed by Str0ke he decided to shut it down but rumors says he sold it or pass it away to someone else with a new name.
anyway here is the best alternatives to milw0rm to feed your geeky brain: the best exploit archive. Same layout and colour scheme as Milw0rm. This site has recently been updating regularly. Good categories. This Russian site has been around for years. The updating speed varies. Doesn't have categories. This is reasonably regularly updated. Doesn't have categories.
These aren't strictly exploit archives but can still find what you're after. can give good results. Particularly Bugtraq and Full Disclosure which is w…