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Buy Sell used items online - ebay alternative


Ubid is an online auction site that has managed to gain quite a bit of popularity – some of our members say they actually make more on Ubid than eBay! While it doesn’t get anywhere near the traffic eBay gets, it can still yield quite a few sales. The site promotes itself heavily on TV and the internet which plays a big role in getting the traffic required for sales. Ubid’s most attractive feature is the lack of listing fees – you don’t pay anything until you make a sale. On the downside, all buyers’ payments go through Ubid and it can take up to 15 days before they pay you. For new sellers in particular, this can cause some serious cash flow problems.


Amazon gets good traffic but the main advantage is a much higher profit margin. Amazon shoppers tend to pay a lot more for their items than eBayers. On the other hand, there are reports that Amazon’s returns policy can be ruthless. If a buyer complains – even if they have no proof of the claim – Amazon has been known to insist the seller refund the money (grrr!). Another count against Amazon is the fact Nigerian spammers seem to particularly enjoy sending their emails to sellers so you do have to be prepared to give you mail box a thorough purge each morning. Still, if you can put up with these difficulties, Amazon is a good place to sell - particularly items such as electronics where the margins are practically non-existent on eBay.

eBid Auctions

The second largest auction site in the UK. Also available in Australia, USA, Canada and Ireland. Unfortunately it is also very slooooow…There are no fees, which is great, but we haven’t heard of many people having a rollercoaster success here. On the bright side, it is fraud proof and you can post as many items for sale as you want. It’s worth listing on this site as an additional to your other sales channels.


Oztion is an Australian auction site although you can list from overseas. Again, there are no fees, but unfortunately it also suffers from sleepy-town syndrome and listings take about three times longer to sell than eBay.

Google Product Search

No one can question the almighty power of Google. Their product arm – Google Product Search (used to be Froogle) - gets a lot of attention from avid Google users and it’s free to list there if you have your own website. You can also incorporate Adwords ads to drive more traffic to your Google Product Search listings – although whether that is more convenient for you or for Google remains in question.


List your ads for free. You won’t get many sales directly from these ads, but it can also be a good way to direct traffic and links to your website.

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