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Viral Facebook Marketing

Some people will think that I mean those pages who forces you to click Like and invite your friends to like before you can see some super video or a picture or any form of content, nope I don't mean that.
and I also don't mean turnkey Facebook php apps, what I mean here is to actually promote your business with something people will actually LOVE and will also would love to share it with their friends, something creative, something fun or weird, a message to touch visitors because people know all the tricks these days and you have to be real in fact to get real people.
so now no matter what you want to do starting from making your fan page popular or getting more people to your website here is some steps that actually worked for me:

  • Fanbox on your website and blog DUH, but no I don't mean on the bottom of the page or above content, I mean somewhere visible where people would see it.
  • Start by inviting your own friends to your fan page and ask them to invite thier friends there is no shame on that.
  • Make sure you post more often content to your fan page like status updates, deal with it like human your fan page must have a personality and style of  writing and a type of content.
  • encourage your website visitors to like your fan page and click like buttons if they actually like your content, be creative you can even make a very big banner for that.
  • you can of course use turnkey applications but those are usually will get your account blocked or they get deleted from the application directory, you might want to modify them before using them.
  • Finally use your imagination, be creative and play around your fan page, customize it search Google for more tips about customizing your fan page.
I've done so many things to drive fans and traffic but I always find that the best way is to spend only a little extra time on being original and staying away from Black hat techniques not because they are danger, but because they are stupid and don't work anymore.
Content is king, put that on your inner brain, squeeze it and spit out the good content for your site, blog and fa page.
I use Facebook to make money and you use it to make friends strategy is old, be modest and be friends with people.
take care and if you like this post, please become a fan ;).


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