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Invest 1 Dollar And Make Thousands

The one dollar girl :)

Hi again, well. there is no way that you can make thousands by investing one dollar, but you probably came to the right page, assuming you have 1 dollar already, if you don't please get out of here already and get it.
There is plenty of ways of making money on the internet or lets say using the internet that doesn't include your one dollar, or lets say nobody is interested to give you money for 1 dollar really.
I just made 1 dollar when you came here, and I will get 1 dollar for each person that comes here also, but not for investing one dollar, I got it for writing what you are reading now, yeah I get paid from ads, now I will keep things simple, if you really want to make money you must give effort, by the way go get some candy with your one dollar because you wont need it anymore, the effort I am talking about could be simply writing, drawing, singing, shooting movies or taking pictures, of course you can do at least on of those things now lets start with writing.

Make money writing:
If you are good at writing on your native language or English or whatever you can make money out of it, there is lot of methods I will list them and you search them on Google if you like one of them.

  • Make a blog at and write daily, after one month you will have enough traffic so join Google Adsense and start making 1 dollar a day after few years you will be making thousands per month as long as you keep writing with heart, really it's this simple, also read on my "SEO and traffic" section to assist you getting readers like you are now ;)
  • Open a Hubpages account and write pages and get paid whenever someone check them.
  • Open a Hubpages account, write hubs "pages" and make money from AdSense or Amazon which is associated with Hubpages.
Anything else about writing is a failure websites who pay you for writing for them are scams, I prefer organic payment from my own articles registered under my name.

Make money drawing:
So you are good at drawing? oh really but that wont make you any money on the internet except if you have a new idea, we kinda all good at drawing, oh yeah I remember you can start a comic blog or site :)

Make money singing:
Sing and record that on video and upload it on youtube, that wont get you any money but you will get famous as the most annoying singer and after fame you might get money, sorry to disappoint you but if you was a good singer you wouldn't be reading this page right now.

Make money shooting videos or taking pics:
Your limit is the sky, you can start a photoblog and sell your photographs or just make money from people who comes to check your blog by implementing Adsense, but really the sky is your limit and I can't give advice, oh wait, I guess that dailymotion and howcast actually pays thousands for special videos :)

now you still wanna invest that dollar I know, you are too lazy to do any of the above, but really if you think that you can invest a one dollar and make money on the internet you better go out and have in job it will be better for you.


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