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Catherine Wayne is Boxxy

I don't know how nobody mentioned before that Boxxy's real name is Catherine Wayne not Cathrine Gomez, nobody tried to correct me, but that proofs nobody is reading? it was 34k visitors came for the where did boxxy gopage this month, anyway I just knew this and also got new videos of her and some of them have useful information, the girl is still missing from the internet community and most thinks she died but whatever I still find it a nice activity stalking her and trying to know what happened, so hit read more.

Blekko Have Great SEO Tool is a new search engine aimed to eliminate spam by giving easy slashing options that enable your to search in a specific topic by putting slash and the category or trigger, well don't ask me about it since I don't understand much about it also, but what I liked the most is a little link on top of each search result saying SEO, so if I need to know the inbound, outbound, pagerank and other information about some website, it's just a one click away.
if you want a Blekko invite, leave a comment with your email, I will delete it after sending you the invite so do not worry.

Easy Way To Prevent FireSheep and Other Sniffers

The simple trick is to add the S so instead of http:// you type in https:// on any website you visit that require authorization, in the beginning Facebook did'n use this by default and I complained about it many times before, thanks to Firesheep, Facebook and others are forced to use encryption by default at least on authorization pages.
you can read my article about how to secure your self simply using the S
So yeah Firesheep will no longer be able to sniff any passwords since all websites are changing to the secured authorization layer.
if you are wondering what is firesheep, it's only a Firefox extension  that actually does the same that wireshark does, sniffing packets and , and re-sending them, but the difference here that firesheep is a 1 2 3 application so anyone can use it which made it pretty famous in a matter of days, I bet there is still more things we can do with Firefox like cooking.

Why People Refresh The Desktop

Refreshing the desktop is a habit exists since windows 95, most of windows users refresh the desktop at least once every hour, some of them are so obsessed that they refresh their desktop every 30 seconds.
but this is a very stupid habit since refreshing the desktop does not speed up your computer, does not empty the ram, doesn't give your computer a boost, it only redraw the desktop icons, for example to show newly installed applications in the right order, but that's all about it.
so please stop refreshing your desktop, it's annoying and it wastes time because it does really nothing and this habit is being wrongly spread between people so advice everyone to stop doing it also.

Make Money MMORPG

Making money by playing online MMORPG games is kinda an old fashion nowadays, this could be true or wrong, but online MMORPG games are being more fun then before that we are welling to pay money to play not to play for making money.
I've heard lot of stories about people becoming millionaires by playing and selling virtual stuff on second life and other games, well this was a long time ago, and because I've heard it and you did then it's not effective anymore.
another method was by offering in-game gold and level up services, but since too many players got ripped off and lost their accounts nobody will pay you for that anymore.
so tell me how to make money from online RPG games anymore? to make a stunning MMORPG game which me and you cannot do unless we have enough money to start off which means we don't need the MMORPG to begin with, knock it off move your a** and do your actual job.

But if you still interested in making money from MMORPG's you can click it.