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Squidoo or Hubpages?

Which is better, in my opinion and because I like Adsense as a main source online, Hubpages rocks, I registered on squidoo made some very rare, optimized lenses that got more traffic then my hubpages ever do, because of all the good features squidoo have, but it still $0, and to get my lense online it have to be approved, liked and lot of useless crap, I mean come on I am giving you effort and you review me before posting it?
Hubpages is doing very good for me, I post and get direct visitors and it shows my own Adsnese ads on it as a revenue share program, I just love hubpages, and I tell squidoo, you fail to monetize, there is so much money going to waste because of the way they wanna make revenue, it's not gonna hurt to share Adsense ads with people they deserve some real cash, more then that Amazon who actually need sale to pay.

Bypass AdBlock and show a note

Adblock Plus is cool, it blocks ads, nobody likes ads, but ads are the only way we publishers making money, it's the only thing that keeps our content free and keep us motivated and writing.
AdBlock Plus is the best adblock for now and it became so popular that publishers are losing money, advertisers are losing clients and everything is at chaos, I guess people are free to block your ads, and I guess you are free to show them your ads :)
The following link showing you how to force your ads to show using a javascript code, I mean all the ads on the page:
Bypass method

be a nice webmaster and show your users a message asking them kindly to filter your website from their adblock, or block their access unless they take it off.
Show note Method
Detection with Jquery