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Best Free Professional Wordpress Themes

I decided to make a list of best wordpress themes sources, if you need a professional looking wordpress theme, and for free, then you came to the right place.
This is possibly the hugest list of websites without the extra unprofessional looking themes.
all 2011 lists enjoy.
Best 100 wordpress themes by YourDigitalSpace link
Best 60 wordpress themes by TripWire Magazine link - some are paid on this list
Wordpress themes of 2011 by atulperx link
Best wordpress themes 2011 (updated) by Blogging experiment link

This by far was the best list I can find, if you know more I would love a comment from you :)

Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7 Using Rainmeter and Omnimo

First download Rainmeter from here then download Omnimo here  if you need a deep tutorial go here enjoy

How I Lost My Online Business in Libya

yep, when the government turned off the internet switch in Libya, that caused me to lose my domain names, and drop from a very rich online business into cents per day.
the following chart shows my AdSense earning for example, and how it dropped because I was to late to pay my domain registrant because of the situation, and how I am starting to shake the line today again, trying to get back up again, sky high.

in fact I am not so sad, freedom price is much much more expensive then what I lost, it's worth blood of many heroes  but well, I just wanted to share my experience this is what blogs about, and to tell all my readers to expect new SEO techniques that will rocks your sox.

so just a tip before I go, if you really love your domains, buy 2 years in advance each year ;)

HTC Desire ROMs List With Screenshots

HTC Desire Custom ROM List *This list of Custom ROM is only for HTC Desire (Bravo)*
*Flash your device at your own risk*
(07/26/2011) [SSCool Sensation v6a (2.3.3)(Sense3) (07/25/2011) [SSMIUI XJ 1.7.22 (2.3.4) (07/25/2011) [SSSense-o-Villian v1.0 (2.3) (07/24/2011) [SSSGBS v1.7 (2.3 S2.1) (07/24/2011) [SSLeeDrOiD HD V3.3.1 R3 (07/24/2011) [SSSGBS v1.7 (2.3)

Windows 8 For Windows 7 Transformation Pack / Theme

Finally you can make Windows 7 looks like windows 8, before windows 8 is released it's better to stick with Windows seven, but you might want to try the look and feel of Windows 8, and I mean also Metro home screen, that looks like the windows 7 mobile.

Of course this is my solution to make it exactly like 8 you need to download the theme pack then the Metro which is an alternative called Mosaic from Microsoft Plex.

1.Download Windows 8 transformation pack and install it
2.Download Mosaic aka Metro for windows 7, extract it to the C: drive and run it, you can add it to startup if you want from options and also download it's widgets.

How to Make EXT4 Partition Android

I spent hours trying to make an EXT4 partition on HTC Desire (Bravo) using Linux or windows Paragon partition manager, the problem after making the partition is that the phone no longer can mount the FAT32 partition making it impossible to access, instead the EXT4 will function pretty well and be added to the Internal Memory as a part of it.
The solution is so simple. stop trying to partition your SDCARD using linux or windows software and instead you can flash a custom recover menu or use it if you already have it, some Clockworksmod recoveries don't have partitioning, I recommend cyanogenmod recovery meny to do this, all you have to do is to backup your FAT32 partition and all your apps using Astro File manager or other backup tool, then boot into recovery holding the buttons responsible for your phone, for example on HTC Hero it will be holding menu and home on startup.
after that partition your SD card, make an ext partition of 512MB that should be enough for the internal mem…

Get Windows 8 Metro On Windows 7

It's actually very easy to use Metro home screen for windows 8 in windows 7, because windows 8 is still unstable preview it's better to stick to 7 now, and use a shell called Mosaic, actually it's the same as Metro, just the difference in name and integration.

You can download Mosaic from here

UPDATE: I found a better transformation
Click here to see my post about transforming windows 7 into windows 8 and download Mosaic + Themes and start menu.