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How To Merge .vcf Contacts into single .vcf File For Easy Importing on Gmail

I found this trick when I was trying to merge multiple VCF files into one single vcf file because Gmail didn't accept multiple contact cards upload, so it have to be a one file.
the good news is the you do not need any programs, just follow my tips below.

put all your contact cards into a folder and lets call it newcontacts for example, place it in the C:\ now you have a folder named newcontacts in your c: drive.Open up the run from windows start menu, and type CMD to open the command prompt.type exactly "cd c:\newcontacts" and hit enter, don't forget the space.then type in "copy *.vcf allcontacts.vcf"wait for the files to mergeEnjoy So let me explain this, in DOS or Windows command prompt you can merge text files into one file by copying all the files into one file, yes this is possible a one line command. VCF files are basically a text files with a different extension, inside of them all you have is text data, so merging them will not corrupt them…

XD Proxy Server Facebook Fix For Chrome and IE

For people who experience a blank page with the title XD Proxy the problem is a bug on facebook it self and developers need to update their codes. I mean web masters, check this out:
if you still belive the problem is on your machine please change your browser and try the same page, or clear cookies and cache.


Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Mode

We all enjoyed Minecraft, and now we can enjoy it on the go with Minecraft pocket edition but there is few things it lacks, it have no monsters, no day/night system, no crafting or caves, basically it's just a build with friends game with all the blocks available, kinda like minecraft creative mode.
but there is good news, minecraft pocket survival mode is coming soon, I tool the following from the official blog, it's a list of stuff to be done on the upcoming update for Minecraft pocket edition.

A new file system – to make sure we can support items and mobs in the worldItem system – to be able to pick up itemsCrafting – we know you want this :) This will probably need some iterations since the interface will be customized for the touch devicesInventory systemMobs – animals and enemies!Optimizing rendering code – we are experimenting with caves but need to make it work better before we are able to release itClean up of code and overall optimization that's what the develope…

How To Play PSX Games on Xperia Play

It's now possible to play Playstation games on Xperia play the first playstation certificated Android phone.
simply you need PS1 iso's that you want to play on your Xperia play, to make things legal please rip your own games that you actually bought.
you can always use the PlayStation emulator for Android but why not use a native app that support your sony hardware ;)

Download PSXperia Emulator
then follow this guide, I guess you also need the crash bandicoot original game that comes with your phone.

Example: Final fantasy 7 PlayStation iso running on Xperia play.

Privacy Warning - Google Plus Instant Upload is Enabled By Default

[EDIT] Sorry Google I just found out on the online album that it says
These photos and videos were uploaded from your phone via Instant Upload. They are visible only to you until you share them.
Good feature indeed to backup photos and share them, just make sure not to do as I though :P.

This is the most stupid privacy settings I ever sow on a phone, I just installed Google Plus for Android and it have something called instant upload, I didn't change any settings, I took some photos of family etc, and woot, I found them on my Google plus profile ONLINE!

The Google plus android app instantly uploaded all of my photos without even asking, risking my privacy and making private photos of my family public, thanks god I noticed on the phone something saying instant upload uploaded a number of pictures to your profile, I clicked that and found what it uploaded, and right now I am deleteing everything uploaded and going to disable my Google plus account, because if you want to advertise so…