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Xperia play internal storage

This is my personal experience with the my xperia play, rooted+cwm recovery.
To get more internal space without the need to partition your sd card at least you need to be rooted.
So what I did simply was to install tiranium backup, then uninstalled Sony bloatware like crash, Bruce lee etc but on your device it can be other apps that are safe to remove, those apps are stuck and system protected but with titanium backup you can simply delete them.
My second tip is wiping the delvac cache, titanium pro does clean that but I prefer wiping it using recovery, after reboot it will take some time to build, but this alone gave me 100mb extra.
I am writing this using blogger mobile before I forget, sorry for typos, and I hope I helped.

Pretty Girl Complaining About Something

Just a random girl I found at my 6am and I can't understand a word but I swear all she is saying is true.

Xperia firmware (4.0.2.A.0.62) Baseband 64

I just wanted to post this here for people looking for it, because I have been looking for so long and didn't find it.
many people are testing out ICS or Android 4 and it require you to flash something that have a Baseband 64 in order for some stuff to work like the wifi, also there is an improvement to the radio libraries.
There are FTF files or Flash Tool File - and you need the Flash tool here R800i Xperia Play 4.0.2.A.0.62 Baseband 64 - Download minor bug fixes and memory management tweaks. word has it that it cant be rooted unless you flash a custom kernel or a kernel from an older firmware.
Thx tommoose from XDA for the info

Xperia Neo 4.0.2.A.0.62 Generic Firmware -Download
Xperia Arc S  4.0.2.A.0.62 - Download

You can request in comments if your device is not listed or if you can find it hard to find, I will be glad to post it here for you.
Hope I helped even a little and please don't brick your device, read carefully before doing anything if you are new to this.
(I am not …

What is a Nightly Build?

Lot of my friends asks me what is a Nightly Build, they usually see it on the web while downloading something open source like Android, Linux, some software etc, now I never contributed on a big project or a large software or OS  that requires this but I think I know the answer.

What is a Nightly Build?
A nightly build is a version of the final software for each night, it's not a beta version or something, it's more recent, a version that is being working on, when a project is big and have many developers contributing to make some software, it could be hard for each of them to compile on his own and merge their work, so they work little by little and over night a server compile the whole work they done together and merge it into a version that they can test, that build (version) is a nightly build, so (it's done over night, it helps developers on large projects, usually it compiles it self by a server, and it help developers when they are on different time zone).

I hope I …

Nimbuzz Rooms For Android

Nimbuzz for Androind doesn't have rooms option and they are not thinking about including it in the future, following my post on how to get Nimbuzz rooms windows, today I will show you how to get Nimbuzz rooms for Android.

1. First you will need to download Java Runner an application that let's you run Java programs inside android, anything from old phones, so download it here if you don't have it.
2. Second then download Nimbuzz + rooms for android here.

Enjoy Nimbuzz

Xperia Safe To Remove Apps Bloatware

Here is a list for safe programs to remove from your Xperia play or any Xperia Android phone, those comes with Sony Ericsson and you are not using them anyways.
Your Xperia need to be rooted, and you need Titanum Backup (root) free version or paid whatever, just go to the backup/restore tab and hold the app you wanna uninstall, please note that if you remove apps that are not safe to remove your phone will not function anymore.
for the Xperia Play also some other Xperias have common apps:

- Chinese keyboard
- The Sims
- Star Battalion
- News and Weather
- Street View
- Office Suite
- Android Live Wallpapers
- Live Wallpapers Catalogue
- Crash Bandicoot (playing Playstation games using FPSE)
- Media Server
- Event Thread Block
- Timescape legacy extension wrapper
- Twitter module
- Anonymous usage stats
- Distributed demo version
- Sony Ericsson sync
- Sync
- Sony Ericsson Sync master client
- Timescape
- Postcard
- Anonymous usage stats
- Digital clock
- Digital clock widget

ICS for Xperia Play Cyanogenmod 9

Finally ice cream sandwich with almost everything working,Cyanogenmod9 is here for the Xperia play GSM only for now, it's based on the latest Android 4 ice cream sandwich, it's the most stable for now, a complete rebuild and have nothing to do with the leaked version from SE.

The only thing that's not working for now is the camera, but everything else is superb, as long as I know for now.
but you might encounter some trouble.

Official full post - check regularly

how to install:
follow the post by Kent just replace with this files instead

AUDIO - ok
GPS - ok
GSM - ok
3D - ok
HOTSPOT - ok - command line for now
USB MTP - settings->storage->push menu->usb computer connection->media device
WIFI - ok
BT - ok

CAMERA - not implemented
GSM DATA - buggy - for some networks works for so…

Prepare for SOPA IP List for Most Wanted Websites

If the US government accepts SOPA and they start shutting down websites the only way to access them is using the IP address of those websites, SOPA as we know will block the domains because usually the sites are hosted outside.

You can make your own list of IPS that you can use instead of or the domain.
open run on windows and type CMD, in the command window type "ping" without the quotation, this will ping back the domain name for that website, mark it, copy and save on a text file.

here is list of IP's for most wanted major websites that will be closed for sure.
The list is updated from time to time so stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

HypnoDroid Aka i-Doser for Android

HypnoDroid generates binaural beatsthat helps you hack your mind to focus, relax, sleep or even gives you more confidence and more coming with every update.
you can think of it like the i-doser application but with a bright side, no drug simulation provided here.

The link are sponsored by adfly and hosted in media fire :)
HypnoDroid V.1.1
Version info:
Available  binaural beats are:
Sleep - helps you sleep
SuperLearning - helps you learn better + block distraction
Brain Trip - Create illusions and unlocks your imagination, visit your inner world
Created by wissam idrissi
V.1.1 Screen Shots

Apache Not Starting XAMPP/WAMP On Windows

Here is a simple fix for the following errors:
Apache is not started
WARNING: terminating worker thread 0

If you tried re-installing apache and didn't work then the problem in this case is that another program is reserving port 80, either you change the port on httpd.conf or close the program, to find what program is waiting on port 80 run "netstat -a" on CMD or windows run.
Most common program to cause this problem is Skype, if you have it open just close it and enjoy :)
Hope that I helped you guys.

Best Songs To Move on (For Guys/Girls)

Ever pissed by your GF/BF ? she/He don't respect you anymore or treat you no good no more, ignoring you.... etc? well no longer, dump them, forget them and move on, next target will be better, may be call one of the girls/guys you already like :)
here is a list of songs that will make your mind set on the target, and never come back.
Go on the cold fish style like I do and be happy because the weight is lifted, ususally my hormones raise and I get attractive right after the break up, and I start dating immediately ;) confidence is the key to everything.

[I am not responsible for your actions, It's just an advice and I just provide my playlist for situations like this, breakup is a choice everyone is free to take, you can't blame and nobody can blame you for dumping them, or maybe it's just me tired of trusting]
anyway here we go.
Songs are provided with lyrics when available.

Metallica - Die, Die My Darling

It Ends Tonight

An all time favorite for me, Swing Swing by All …

Easy Root For Xperia Play SuperOneClick

This is the easiest granted rooting for your Xperia play, I rooted my phone using it then flashed recovery without unlocking my bootloader using this, and now for rooting your Xperia Play, just download SuperOneClick v2.3.3
by the way you need to have Android Drivers and SDK Installed click here to get them, no not the pc companion ;).

if you prefer a little bit harder way try
Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit [v4.0](zergRush Exploit)

How to Flash Recovery on Xperia Play Without Unlocking Bootloader

Finally custom ROMS for  Xperia play - locked bootloaders.
This will install ClockWorkMod Recovery on your Xperia play without the need to flash or unlock your bootloader, but remember that root is required.
Click here on another easy rooting your Xperia play :)

When booting your phone and when the 'Sony Ericsson' logo appear, press and release continuously the volume down button.
Once you are in the CWM recovery, use the volume keys to navigate upwards / downwards, the 'home' key to select, the 'back' key to go back.

To install recovery menu on your Xperia play the process is very easy, download  CWM-INSTALL.rar and then just follow the steps here.
this also works for Xperia Mini/MiniPro/Active/Live With Walkman

This is not my work, and it belongs to the link I provided member on XDA forum, and me or him not responsible for bricking your device :)

Xperia Play ROMS List (Custom Rom)

If you would like to customize your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, overclock it, or just for a change here is a ROM list, just to make it clear I want to tell you that I will be writing tutorials later for easy Xperia Play Rooting, because the process needs root access, sometimes recovery flashed, and other times unlocking the bootloader which will void your warranty.

Here is How to Root Xperia play without unlocking bootloaderand How to get Recovery on Xperia play to flash Custom Roms without Unlocking Bootloader
The most realable custom rom for the Xperia play now is Cyanogenmod, everything else seems a little bit of buggy, anyway I would love it if you comment and tell me about me if there is other ROMS and which ones you like, for me I am kinda sticking to stock rom and modified it to my needs, and only flashed a new Kernel that is based on the stock kernel anyway with some mods.

so here we start.

1. Ice cream sandwich for Xperia play Cyanogenmod 9 click to visit my post about i…

Get ClockWorkMod Recovery On Locked Bootloaders (Xperia)

ClockWorkMod Recovery Easy installation for

Xperia Mini/MiniPro/Active/Live With Walkman

1.Run install-cwm?.cmd
install-cwm1.cmd for Xperia Arc / Neo / PLAY
install-cwm2.cmd for Xperia Mini / MiniPro / Active / Live With Walkman
2.Enable USB Debugging on device
3.Connect your device using usb data cable
4.Follow on screen instruction


When booting your phone and when the 'Sony Ericsson' logo appear, press and release continuously the volume down button.
Once you are in the CWM recovery, use the volume keys to navigate upwards / downwards, the 'home' key to select, the 'back' key to go back.

I can't be held responsible if this Mod bricks your device or makes it explode in your hands! Use it at your own risk! Get the files here:

Difference Between a Rom and a Kernel Android Noob Question

Many new comers to the rooted android phones world don't know the difference between a kernel and a rom, or can't exactly tell, my self cannot answer this question clearly so I decided to look around, and I found a nice answer for you guys.
Let me say first that the Kernel is the system it self, connected and manages the hardware directly, the rom is the software that have the looks, themes, and the rest of what you see on screen.
the following quated from:
The kernel you use can be tweaked to allow you to overclock your process. By default, overclocking is not possible (usually) on stock kernels because phone makers don't want you effing up your phone.

Other kernels can let you run "low voltage" or "ultra low voltage" settings for the processor. This allows you to send less power to the processor but still get the same amount of oomph out. The result is greater battery life, and no cost to performance. Obviously this can…

How To Run Games From SD Card On Nintendo DSi XL

Update: for the 3DS on how to play 3ds games from sd card.

The answer to your question have many answers, but they have two things in common, first it could be illegal if you are going to run games that aren't yours (your backups), second is that you will need a flashcard to run a custom software that allows you to load homebrew and games from SD cards and probably GBA roms and other stuff like iPlayer.
What I want to point out here is a list of websites to help you start your journey, so good luck.
 Flash Cards:

Dsi Mods and Hacks

DSi Homebrew

If you have other links please comment below.

How to Downgrade Your Nintendo DSi XL

If you upgraded to the latest firmware 1.4 then you probably know that your flashcard don't work anymore, you cannot play GBA roms or even DS Roms, you cannot run homebrew or get iPlayer anymore, well don't worry, you cannot just downgrade your DSi to be able to run your flashcard, all you need to do is to find a DS or another DSi with older firmware, update your flashcart and run it, mostly all of flashcart manufactures have fixed this problem, Nintendo blocked loading flashcards somehow on their last firmware.

Personally I still didn't get my flashcart so I gonna buy it already with the latest fix flashed, please read on the following link: